Working Mom’s Guide to Easy Beauty Tips

Working Mom's Guide to Easy Beauty Tips Amazing Lash Studio Houston
We all know that being a mom is already a full-time job, and if you also work outside the home, staying on track is even more of a challenge. Being this busy leaves little room for worrying about your looks, but who said getting your hair and makeup just right had to be complicated? Simplifying your morning routine is easier than you think. With working moms like you in mind, our beauty shortcuts below have you covered.

Invest in Eyelash Extensions
While you can still wear mascara when you need a little more oomph or want to up the drama for a special event, semi-permanent eyelash extensions deliver the kind of long, ultra-thick lashes that make eye makeup totally optional. If you love the results but not the price tag of a full application, maintain your new look with more affordable – and much less time-consuming – monthly touch-ups.

Take Good Care of Your Complexion
Healthy, well-nourished skin looks luminous naturally, so you can get away with wearing a lot less makeup. To replace layers of heavy foundation and concealer with hassle-free tinted moisturizer, exfoliate your skin twice or three times a week, following up with infused vitamin serum and nutrient-rich cream.

Ask for a Low-Maintenance Haircut
Many moms cut their hair short because conventional wisdom says it saves more time, but styling short, structured strands is often far harder than working with longer, softer layers. Plus, because layered bobs and pixie cuts can start to lose their shape as they grow out, they require more frequent trips to the hair salon.

If you love above-the-shoulders cuts and don’t want to go long, try the on-trend one-length bob. With layers out of the picture, styling is a breeze, and it’s perfectly fine to drag your feet on salon touch-ups.

Fake the Well-Rested Look
Balancing work, home and social life means that you won’t always get the sleep you need to look your best. Thankfully, there are plenty of tricks you can try to hide the damage fast. Chilled tea bags or sliced cucumbers, those old standbys your mom swore by when she was your age, still work wonders on puffy eyes, while holding a cool towel to the face instantly brings dull skin back to life.

Finish with a drop of creamy blush – powder is too subtle to make up for sleepless nights – on each cheekbone to give your tired complexion a radiant color pick-me-up.

Looking your best this season doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Working moms can benefit from these easy tips that will have you ready and out the door in no time.

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