Valentines Gifts That Will Make Her Feel Sexy


A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be sexy, but the best gifts empower her to FEEL loved, feminine and romantic. Here are some unique gifts to help you accomplish just that!

A Professional Photo Shoot

She knows you think she’s beautiful, but does she feel the same way about herself? Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to really help a woman feel beautiful. Set up a photo shoot in an idyllic setting, giving her a chance to express herself while being captured on camera. Some photographers provide boudoir sessions, adding a touch of sexiness to the photos to help women feel more confident in themselves, their bodies and their beauty.

Eyelash Extensions

When a woman bats her eyelashes, it can make you melt. If she can enhance the windows to her soul without makeup, she’ll feel naturally sexy all the time. Eyelash extensions help frame the eyes and draw attention to her beautiful features. In addition, she won’t have to mess with mascara, which can run and smudge. Eyelash extensions come in several lengths to make it look like her own eyelashes are naturally long and feminine. With eyelash extensions, she’ll feel sexy from the moment she wakes up every day. Consider a gift card she can redeem for a full set of eyelash extensions!

A Day of Pampering

If she feels her best, she’ll exude sexiness from the inside out. Provide your wife, girlfriend or special partner with a day to enjoy herself. A day at the spa can be rejuvenating for the mind as well as the body. Even a simple pedicure will give her time to relax and help her feel sexy all the way down to her toes.

Pottery Lessons

What’s sexier than the scene from the movie “Ghost” in which Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze are using the pottery wheel together? Getting a little messy with sensual materials can help the two of you connect. Enroll in an art class or take a chocolate-making course together. The confidence she’ll get from getting creative and learning a new skill will make her feel sexier than ever before.

You don’t have to get a woman chocolates or jewelry on Valentine’s Day. Show her your imaginative side by giving a gift that makes her feel creative, self-assured and alluring, and she’ll feel great about herself.

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