Valentine’s Day For The Single And Taken

Valentine's Day gift ideas - Eyelash extensions

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating love, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited just to couples. If you’re single, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to pamper yourself. For those in relationships, finding unique ways to express your love is the most vital part of the holiday. Below are some ideas for how everyone, whether single or taken, can get the most out of this holiday.

Valentine’s Day for the single woman means it’s all about you! Take some time to truly love yourself: 

  • Call up a few girlfriends and have a night on the town-
    Go clubbing, grab a few drinks or just spend a quiet night catching up on gossip. This is a great way to cheer up your single friends who might be sad about going date-less.
  • Buy yourself something nice-
    It could be a book, a new outfit or even a blender. The point is simply to splurge on something nice for yourself. Also remember: There’s no shame in buying yourself some expensive chocolates and a bottle of wine.
  • Pamper yourself
    Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to get a spa treatment or really go all-out pampering yourself. A new haircut, professional makeup or a manicure can really make you feel great. Be sure to play up those eyes! Better yet, you could also get eyelash extensions, which last longer and look more natural than fake lashes or mascara. Once you look your best, you’re bound to feel great, and you can go out that night in confidence. You might even meet someone new.

Valentine’s Day for the taken woman is about your significant other but it’s still about yourself as well!

If you’re in a relationship, you might feel pressured to buy into the holiday. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the overt commercialism of Valentine’s Day. Romance isn’t about expensive gifts though, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate your love for your partner without falling into the same boring routine:

  • Give a gift your partner will truly enjoy –
    Spend some time finding a meaningful gift he will appreciate, even if it’s not traditionally romantic or even expensive. Something that proves you pay attention to his interests will be the best romantic gesture imaginable.
  • Show your appreciation –
    Love isn’t just about grand romantic gestures. It’s also about making life easier for one another. Find ways to help make your spouse’s life easier, like taking over his chores, or just take the time to express your love and appreciation.
  • Rekindle your romance
    It’s easy to stop putting in the effort to woo your spouse during a long relationship. Take a little extra time to make yourself look great and create a special evening together. Once again, this is a great excuse to splurge on some eyelash extensions for yourself, too.  Show some love to yourself and to your significant other. He’ll appreciate your sexy new look, and the results will last for weeks.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single for the holiday, Valentine’s Day is for all of us to enjoy. It’s a day to celebrate our love for one another and as well as our love for ourselves! You can only start to love another once you’ve truly learned to love yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the beautiful single and taken women in the world!

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