Top Five Pampered Gift Sets for Women in Houston

Top Five Pampered Gift Sets for WomenAre you looking for that perfect present for the special women in your life? Then read our top five pampered gift sets for women in Houston! Everyone loves feeling like they’re the most important person in the world, even if it’s only for a short while during a beauty treatment. Sadly, our cultural values make us wary of splurging on ourselves unless we’ve got a good reason.

Instead of trying to convince your friends and family members that they can make an occasion out of anything, give them an incentive to pamper themselves with gift sets for women. Here are our top five ideas for spa and salon presents that help people realize that they deserve the absolute best.

#1 Facials and Face Masks

For the busy modern professional, scheduling an appointment may be a serious issue. Don’t stress her out even more by giving her an appointment gift that she has to use within a limited time frame. Face masks and facial kits are ideal for letting her pamper herself a bit more than usual at home, and they make great additions to fancy bath baskets.

#2 The Full Spa Treatment

Of course, it’s hard to beat a complete spa session. With a range of massages and other treatments to choose from, anyone can settle into the experience of being pampered and rapidly lose track of their normal stresses and woes. Spa gifts are also a great way to pamper yourself; nobody’s stopping you and your recipient from going together!

#3 Eyelash Extensions

You don’t have to go big to give someone a great beauty gift. Treating a friend to eyelash extensions is an awesome way to help them try out a new look and really stand out. Of course, those who already wear extensions definitely appreciate the chance to have someone else cover their refills, so don’t be afraid to chip in. Eyelash extensions are the perfect gift for people who like the look of thick, beautiful eyelashes with a natural look.

#4 Artisan Soaps

Etsy and other craft sites are great places to discover natural, handmade soaps that avoid many of the harsh chemicals found in standard commercial fare. Even better, you can often find a lot of assorted soaps at relatively low prices, so it’s really easy to fill out a gift basket with something truly unique.

#5 Chocolate and Wine

OK, so they’re not technically beauty gifts, but chocolate and wine go hand in hand with being pampered, and if they make your recipient feel good, who are you to argue? These gifts are especially effective in conjunction with other small items, like fragrances, fashion jewelry accessories and bath sets. They all make great gift sets for women.

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