Tips For Finding The Perfect Summer Fling – Looking For Love

Summer love

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Warm, summer nights make the perfect atmosphere for one to kindle up a sweet summer romance. If you’re single and looking for love, summer is a wonderful chance to meet and mingle with other single individuals. With more relaxing work schedules and beautiful places to visit, there’s endless opportunities to meet others and have fun. From barbecues to lazy days at the beach, potential romance can be found everywhere and anywhere all throughout the summer months.

A summer fling is often defined by many as a fun, lighthearted relationship. While summer flings generally start out more casual and carefree, there’s always possibilities of these relationships blossoming into something more. Summer romances can be exciting and liberating. Having another person to share your summer vacation and adventures with not only makes your summer more fun, it can help build your self-esteem and strengthen your relationship skills for the future.

Here’s a few tips for finding and (perhaps) keeping that summer fling: 

  1. Use the opportunity to try new experiences. With summer flings, you’re free to explore relationships you might otherwise never consider. Try dating someone outside of your usual age range, body type, ethnicity, religion or other trait. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that your “type” is broader than you’d thought. Even if that’s not the case, you’ll be exposed to new experiences you may not have had before.
  2. Play a little hard to get. You don’t want to drop everything the minute you see your phone light up. Show him that you have your own life by being unavailable sometimes, but don’t be so elusive that he feels you are blowing him off. Men like a little bit of a chase. Give him enough to get his workout, but not so much that he’s exhausted.
  3. Look the part. Most flirting starts with the eyes, and you can make them more effective at this job by enhancing their natural beauty. Lash extensions are the perfect way to give yourself voluminous, stunning lashes without worrying about applying too much product.

Summer flings are a great chance to figure out what you like and explore who you are within a relationship. They also give you a great, carefree opportunity to practice your flirting skills and perfect your appearance for times when you want to get serious.

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