Tips to Make Small Eyes Pop by Amazing Lash Studio Houston

Tips to Make Small Eyes Pop by Amazing Lash Studio HoustonHave naturally small eyes? Here are tips to make small eyes pop by Amazing Lash Studio Houston! Many women who have naturally small eyes feel that they will never be able to have bright, beautiful eyes that stand out. Fortunately, there are beauty secrets that allow everyone to achieve a bold look. Use these helpful tips to create big, bright eyes that draw attention and give a great first impression.

•Long lashes draw attention to the eye area in order to help this area stand out. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are an ideal solution for people who do not have long eyelashes naturally. These extensions are designed to closely match the natural look of a person’s eyelashes in order to enhance that look.

•Pluck or wax eyebrows to keep them looking their best. Bushy eyebrows make eyes look even smaller. However, light eyebrows that are barely visible can also make eyes look small. Light eyebrows can be darkened with a tinting kit or an eyebrow pencil.

•Apply eyeliner carefully to ensure that the eye does not appear to be closed off. Eyeliner along the waterline is a bad look for women who have small eyes. This is especially true when a dark liner is being used.

•Dark circles contribute to the small appearance of eyes. These circles also make the eyes look sunken while giving the impression that a person is stressed, tired or overwhelmed. Concealer is a great solution, but it is important for the right shade to be used. A pink or peach color that closely matches skin tone opens up the eyes for a brighter, bigger look.

•Eyeliner can help with smaller eyes when it is applied correctly. White or light eyeliner can be used on the lower lid to brighten the eye. However, be sure to be subtle. Just a hint of white eyeliner is needed to make the eyes pop.

•Use eye shadow wisely. Many women who have small eyes believe that they will never be able to pull off the smokey eye look, but using colored eye shadows that are sparkly actually opens up the eye. A lighter shade on the inside of the lid paired with a darker shade on the outside creates that smokey look without closing off the eye area.

• Another eye shadow trick to make small eyes pop is using two close shades for dimension. Lighter colors should be favored to avoid making the eyes sink.

Small eyes can still pop with the right makeup and techniques and semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Amazing Lash Studio lash technician in Houston can help you to create a big, bright look that is sure to draw the right attention.

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