Swimming with Eyelash Extensions

Safely Swim with Eyelash ExtensionsAs the weather heats up, it’s time to spend your afternoons lounging at the beach or taking a dip in the pool to cool off. Not only is swimming a great way to beat the heat, the poolside or beach is also a great place to show off your gorgeous new Amazing Lash Studio lashes. Before you go for a swim, though, here are a few tips for swimming with eyelash extensions:

1.) If you’ve just gotten fresh extensions, be sure to wait 24 to 48 hours before getting them wet. This includes swimming and showering; it also means you have to be careful about getting sweat in your eyes while sunbathing. Any moisture in the first day or two after the lashes are applied can damage the eyelash extension glue¬†and prevent the extensions from setting properly. Once 48 hours has passed, you can swim freely without worrying; the adhesive is strong and won’t come loose even when submerged in water.

2.) Try not to rub your eyes with a towel after getting out of the pool as this can disturb your lashes and loosen them at the root. Instead, dab above and below your extensions. This will reduce the amount of friction on the lashes and extend their life and luster.

3.) In the hot summer weather, lashes can easily get dried out. You can prevent this by applying Amazing Lash Studio’s “Protective Lash Coating.” This product should be applied twice a week to keep your lashes looking luscious and strong. For best results, apply the coating at midday when your eyes are at their driest.

4.) Be careful when applying sunscreen. While protecting your skin is important, the chemicals in sunscreen can damage your lashes and irritate your eyes. If you’re using a spray-on sunblock, be sure to shield your eyes when applying the product to your face.

With a little bit of care, lash extensions are durable and beautiful. They also look great with or without makeup, making them a versatile part of your summer fashion. Whether you’re planning to spend your summer hitting the waves, swimming laps or just lazing on the beach, taking care of your lash extensions will ensure that you’re always putting your best face forward all summer long.

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