Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Eyes for Women Working in Technology

Women working in technology

Taking care of your beautiful eyes

Taking care of your beautiful eyes when you work in technology can be more challenging.

Women are becoming increasingly invested in careers that were once the sole territory of men. One of the fastest growing trends right now is women in technological fields such as computer programming or electrical engineering. Even women who don’t work directly with computers in a tech field often find their lives and careers inundated with computer technology. While the increase in tech-savvy women is definitely a good thing, it does come with an unfortunate added risk of eye problems.

Staring at a computer screen causes eye fatigue. Additionally, science has shown that people can get so wrapped up in the content of a computer screen that they forget to blink, which causes dry eyes. Without proper lubrication, eyes become itchy and irritated, and the long-term effects of dry eyes can exacerbate other eye problems.

Women are at greater risk of eye problems than men, a problem which will only grow as women become more wedded to technology. Over two thirds of visually impaired people are women, due both to the anatomy of their eyes and gender-related factors. For example, pregnancy can cause conditions that lead to poor eyesight, such as diabetes and hormonal fluctuations. In addition to these concerns, women tend to live longer than men, which places them at greater risk of age-related eyesight problems as they age.

Whether you run into technology at work or in your home, here are a few tips for reducing the damage computer screens do to your eyes:

— Use a glare reduction screen over your monitor whenever possible

— Always use electronics in a well-lit room

— Take frequent breaks to look at something in the distance, such as looking out a window, to reset the focus on your eyes

— Blink frequently and use eye drops if your eyes start to feel itchy, especially if you wear contacts

— Try to avoid computer use during your leisure time

— If you wear corrective lenses, clean them frequently as dirt can magnify glare

— Receive frequent check-ups with your optometrist and discuss your work situation with him

You don’t have to abandon your favorite electronic pursuits in order to keep your eyes healthy. You just need to make sure you pay attention to your needs and don’t strain yourself unnecessarily. By maintaining the health of your eyes today, you can ensure that you will enjoy good vision later in life.

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