Should I Tint My Eyelashes?

Tinted Eyelashes from Amazing Lash Studio HoustonEyelash tinting has become a popular procedure because it enables women to skip applying mascara for a few weeks at a time without giving up their preferred look. The tinting process infuses your eyelashes with the color of your choice, saving you time and energy until the eyelashes fall out and are replaced with your natural color. However, there are many concerns about whether or not this procedure is actually safe.

Will Eyelash Tinting Hurt My Eyes?

The most prevalent concern regarding eyelash tinting revolves around eye health. Some dermatologists have stated that this process should be relatively safe if it is properly performed. For maximum safety, you should only allow a licensed esthetician near your eyes. This is the only way to have confidence that the person who performs this service will be doing so with your eye health in mind.

Complications from eyelash tinting can be very uncomfortable, and it is possible that you could end up dealing with eye and skin irritations that last longer than a few minutes.

Are the Tinting Dyes Natural?

Some companies promise that they use vegetable dyes or other all-natural components in their eyelash tinting products. It is possible that the ingredients used to make their materials are mostly natural, but the industry as a whole tends to utilize eyelash dyes that are made from coal-tar. Additionally, a peroxide solution is going to be added to the dye paste, which will result in a chemical reaction. Therefore, the dyes are not all-natural.

Many optometrists have spoken publicly about their concerns, and the general consensus appears to be that eyelash tinting is not worth the risk. A severe allergic reaction could lead to many issues such as cornea damage, swelling and inflammation. Anyone who experiences these problems or any vision changes or redness after getting their eyelashes tinted should seek medical attention right away.

Alternatives to Eyelash Tinting

Fortunately, Amazing Lash Studio provides a safe alternative to eyelash tinting. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individually applied to your natural eyelashes by a licensed professional esthetician in a safe and clean environment using a pharmaceutical grade adhesive. All this is done while you relax in a private suite. To learn more about colored eyelash extensions, contact a Houston area Amazing Lash Studio consultant today!

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