Time-Saving Beauty Tips for Re-Entering the Workforce

Time-Saving Beauty Tips for Re-Entering the Workforce Amazing Lash Studio Houston
Ten beauty tips that make getting ready for work a breeze

Reentering the workforce is a positive and life-changing event, but heading back to the office after a break can throw a monkey wrench into your daily routine. In fact, such a huge lifestyle change can be overwhelming. One way to make the transition a little less daunting is to simplify your beauty routine. Here are ten beauty tips that make getting ready for work a breeze.

Essential Back-to-Work Beauty Tips

Make an appointment to get semi-permanent eyelash extensions. You’ll wake up with glamorous, full lashes every morning, and you won’t have to use mascara for weeks.

Smiles are important when networking or meeting new clients, so spruce up yours with an over-the-counter tooth-whitening kit. Strips and gel-based whitening systems can give you a stunning smile that makes you look years younger and boosts your self-confidence. If over-the-counter kits don’t give you good results, talk to your dentist about professional tooth-whitening options.
Keep your makeup essentials organized and ready. Line them up in the order you use them to streamline your morning routine.

Try a tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy foundation cream or powder. It will eliminate a step and give your complexion a fresh, dewy look. To protect your skin and prevent premature aging, choose a product that contains sunscreen.

Select a light shade of eye shadow that is close to your natural skin tone. Because dramatic detailing isn’t required, you can apply it quickly. Add a little eyeliner and mascara to complete the look. No one will know that your subtle, classy eye shadow took only seconds to apply.

To reduce under-eye puffiness quickly, apply used green tea bags that have been refrigerated overnight. Place them directly over your closed eyes for several minutes before applying your makeup. It’s a great way to look fresh and rested, and it encourages you to enjoy a health-boosting drink the night before.

Carry a shimmery lip gloss or tinted lip balm in your purse to touch-up your look throughout the day.

Perfect your wash-and-go look. Ask your hairstylist to give you a haircut and style that you can master in minutes.

Significantly shorten your hair’s drying time by using a microfiber towel and an ionic hairdryer.

Shower at night instead of in the morning. You won’t feel as rushed while you’re getting ready for work, and you can even hit your snooze button if needed.

It’s easy to look your best when heading back into the workforce with these quick and easy beauty tips.

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