Thinning Eyelashes? What You Can Do To Have the Lashes of Your Dreams

thinning lashesThinning eyelashes may be alarming, and the thinned-out look is often a frustrating problem for people who would like to show off their eyes. Getting to the bottom of the reason that your eyelashes are thinning can help you to reverse the damage. If your eyelashes are doomed to be thin, you can take matters into your own hands by opting for eyelash extensions.


Reasons For Thinning Eyelashes


The first step to getting the beautiful eyes that you want is figuring out why your eyelashes keep thinning out. Here are some reasons to investigate.


• Leaving your makeup on can cause damage to your eyelashes. The makeup prevents lashes from growing out and can keep new lashes from growing in.


• Some serious illnesses may cause your eyelashes to fall out. Other hair loss is often observed with these illnesses.


• Medications may cause side effects like hair loss. Chemotherapy is also known to cause overall hair loss and can include eyelashes.


• Just as the hair on your head will thin out as you age, your eyelashes may start to thin as well.


• Some eyelash loss is normal. If you notice a few eyelashes here and there, do not be alarmed.


Preventing Eyelashes From Falling Out


To keep eyelashes healthy, follow these tips that are intended to prevent the damage from the above-mentioned situations from happening.


• Always take your makeup off each night. Even if you just want to roll into bed, do a quick swipe with a makeup remover to ensure that your eyelashes and skin are kept healthy.


• If you suspect that your eyelashes may be falling out due to illness, seek prompt medical attention. Not only could medication and other interventions help you save your eyelashes, but you will also be able to access the treatment you need to stay healthy.


• Discuss your medications with your doctor. If you are experiencing general hair loss, you may want to ask your doctor is there is an alternative to your current medications.


Eyelash Extensions Give a Full Look


If you need a more proactive solution to keep your eyelashes looking full, consider eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are made of materials that closely match the look of natural eyelashes, so they blend in much better than false eyelashes. Certified technicians apply these lashes with a skilled hand, and the adhesive that is used is a long-lasting, hypoallergenic variety that rarely causes reactions. If you decide extensions aren’t for you, they’re even easy to remove. There’s no reason not to give it a try. You don’t have to be stuck with thinning eyelashes.


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