Thinking about eyelash extensions? What you need to know

Lash Extensions HoustonLash extensions are a great way to boost the beauty of your lashes with a more natural look, avoiding the hassle of mascara and false lashes. If you’ve never had extensions before, you may be a bit nervous or don’t know what to expect. Here’s what you need to know before you visit the salon to ensure your extension experience goes perfectly. 

What Are Lash Extensions? 

Extensions are applied to the tip of each lash with a special adhesive, boosting the length and volume of your lashes. The extensions can be made from mink, silk or a synthetic material. The length will vary from 6mm to 17mm, allowing you to customize your appearance. 

How Are They Applied? 

Extensions are applied directly to your existing lashes. This is usually one extension per lash, but you can have two applied to each lash instead for a fuller, more dramatic look. The adhesive used is designed to be semi-permanent and safe for use around the eyes without causing irritation. On your first time, a small amount will be tried first to check for an allergic reaction. If you do happen to have an allergy to one type of adhesive, alternatives are available. 

Allergic reactions are usually mild and can be treated with eye drops from your doctor. The salon staff is trained to protect your safety, and there is no risk of serious injury to your eye during any part of the process. 

How Long Will They Last? 

Once the adhesive has fully set, which takes up to 48 hours, your extensions will last for the life of your natural lashes. Lashes shed after a six to eight week period and are replaced by new growth. As your natural lash sheds, the extension will shed with it. This means that lash extensions will last up to two months. You can have your lashes filled between sessions to keep your lashes looking full. 

Caring For Your Extensions

Because your extensions are tied to the life of your natural lashes, you can boost the longevity of your extensions by taking good care of your eyes. Well-moisturized lashes are stronger and last longer, so be sure to keep up a skincare routine that will keep the roots of your lashes moisturized. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge, stop by and visit us at Amazing Lash Studio. We’ll help you get the look you’ve always wanted!

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