Thinking about attending Cosmetology School in Houston? Important Things to Know.

Cosmetology is a swiftly growing job field, and it’s not likely to cool down any time in the future. Trained beauticians for hair, skin and nail care contributed to 120,000 new jobs developed in 2010, and that number keeps going up as demand continues to swell.┬áIf you’ve ever gotten a manicure, had your hair professionally styled or consulted with an eyelash extension expert, you’ve worked with a cosmetologist. You may have also wondered about how to get involved in that business yourself.

In the Houston area alone, about 1,409 new students graduated with a certificate in 2010 and were able to begin working right away in this exciting new career. The number of cosmetologists working in Houston is expected to grow by 18 percent within the next five years.

If you have interest in beauty topics and products and want to spread that knowledge and enthusiasm to others, cosmetology might be an ideal career for you. Not only is it a career in high demand, it’s also relatively easy to enter: Once you obtain your license, you’ll be ready to start your business right away. Schooling takes around one year to complete and will cost less than $10,000 at most schools.

Licensed cosmetologists make a median wage of between $10 and $13 per hour, or around $22,910 per year, and professionals with experience and business savvy can stand to make even more.

Aside from the financial benefits of cosmetology, the career is fun and exciting. You can form personal relationships with your clients and work in a great atmosphere while employing your skills and passion for beauty. Best of all, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to start your own business and become your own boss, enabling you to have ultimate control over when and where you work.

If this sounds like the ideal career path for you, you’re in luck: The Houston area is full of cosmetology opportunities. Getting started is as easy as just reaching out to one of the 16 licensed cosmetology schools in the area. The largest of these, Texas Barber Colleges and Hairstyling Schools, which graduates about 272 students each year. Other schools with different focuses and costs may be a better fit for you, so it pays to do your research.

You can begin by searching for licensed cosmetology school and start on the path toward your new dream job today.

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