The Galleria – Shopping, Dining, and Lash Extensions Anyone?

The Galleria Uptown, Houston

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The Galleria in Uptown is one of the largest and best shopping malls in Texas. This magnificent 2.4 million square foot complex provides more than 400 shopping venues. It also houses multiple restaurants, hotels and office towers. The complex has stood for 40 years, and a large remodeling project is planned to take place over the next several years.

The redesign is meant to make the Galleria stand out against its more upscale competitors, and the plans will provide a unique luxury shopping experience. In addition to providing more sales room to luxury boutique owners, the new development will add enhanced accessibility for shoppers and easy access for nearby residents.

Details On The Galleria Redesign Project: 

The current Galleria III wing will be torn down and replaced with a 198,000 square foot Saks Fifth Avenue, which is scheduled to open in 2015. The current Saks location will be broken up into 35 smaller boutique stores. Additionally, a multi-tenant building will be raised to provide more space for boutiques. This will provide boutiques like Cartier and Chanel with a prime location that can be entered from outside, rather than inside the mall. As shoppers move toward a preference for outdoor shopping complexes, the Galleria is prepared to meet that demand. In order to support the changes and create a better customer experience, the Galleria is also expanding its parking garage as well as providing substantial interior and exterior renovations to enhance the building’s appearance and functionality. Finally, the Simon Property Group, which owns the Galleria, plans to create an exclusive luxury residential complex nearby. The complex will house 300 units and rest on the corner of Sage and West Alabama. Residents of the complex will have easy access to the shopping complex through the use of an indoor walkway connecting the two buildings.

Living The Uptown Lifestyle: 

Aside from the Galleria, the Uptown area is host to Houston’s fashionista paradise. Anchored by Westheimer Road and Post Oak Boulevard, this neighborhood packs more than 700 upscale retailers into two square miles of city landscape. From beloved restaurant chains to small upscale boutiques, there are places to buy anything you might want in this area.

Nearby neighborhoods include Uptown Park, a classy shopping destination modeled on an Italian villa, and Highland Village, which is populated with both well-known national brands and locally owned shops. Westheimer Road is also one of the major through-streets of Houston, and it will connect you to a variety of destinations in the city.

If you’re interested in shopping, dining and entertainment in Houston, there is no better place to visit than the Uptown neighborhood. Not to mention, one of our very own Amazing Lash Studio locations is located right on Westheimer Road, just down the street from the Galleria! Every women deserves a day for herself; enjoy shopping, dining, and a little pampering with some nails and lashes to finish your day off right. Our facility gives convenient access to all of the luxury shopping and entertainment opportunities throughout the neighborhood in Galleria, Houston.

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