Ten Tips For Perfect Eyebrows

Ten Tips For Perfect Eyebrows ALS houstonBeautiful eyebrows are an essential part of awesome eyes. Perfectly shaped brows that enhance your features can take your look to a whole new level. Here are ten tips for making the most of your eyebrows.

1. Don’t overdo it. Great eyebrows require a light touch. Excessive plucking and over waxing for an extended period of time can make brows sparse and skimpy. They can even disappear and never come back. Always be cautious and conservative about eyebrow shaping.

2. Create a plucking map. (A) Place a pencil against the side of your nose and mark the point where the pencil intersects with your brow. This is where your eyebrow should start. (B) Angle the pencil from the bottom of your nose to the outside corner of your eye and mark the spot where the pencil intersects your brow. This is where your eyebrow should end. (C) Line up the pencil with the outer edge of your iris and mark the spot on the brow bone where the pencil intersects your brow. This is the high point of your eyebrow arch.

3. Brush your brows straight up with a brow brush. This makes it easier to see the line underneath the brows and to shape that area correctly.

4. Decide brow thickness. Thicker brows are in style right now, so don’t pluck too much. You can see the natural shape of your brow on the top of the brow. The top should be used as a guide for removing individual hairs from underneath the brow.

5. Pluck any stray hairs growing in between your brows. This includes any brow hairs on the bridge of your nose.

6. Grow out over-plucked brows. If your brows have gotten skimpy and shapeless, let them grow out for 2-12 months and have them shaped professionally.

7. Try eyebrow regrowth serum. If your brows won’t grow, consider getting a prescription from your dermatologist for a lash-growth serum called Latisse. It can regrow brows in 3-4 months.

8. Never shave your brows. Shaving eyebrows is a sure-fire way to mess them up. The results will be uneven at best, and you’ll have stubble when they grow back in.

9. Enhance pale or skimpy brows with hair color. Many salons offer this service. If your brows are so pale that they disappear into your face, treating them with hair color will define them and make them look thicker.

10. Consider eyebrow tattoos. If your eyebrows have totally disappeared and nothing is bringing them back, consider getting eyebrow tattoos.

Many people don’t realize how important eyebrows are until something goes wrong. Losing your eyebrows altogether or having to live with misshapen eyebrows for an extended period of time is not fun. Always treat your eyebrows with tender loving care and they will repay you by accentuating the beauty of your eyes and face. Adding semi-permanent lash extensions can really make your eyes pop for an amazing look.

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