Ten Tips To Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day

Ten Tips To Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day ALS houstonYour wedding day is just around the corner, and you want to be the loveliest bride on record. In the whirlwind of wedding planning activity, it’s easy to lose track of yourself. Resolve now to make time for yourself. After all, you’ll be the star of the show. Here are ten tips for looking unforgettable on your special day.

1. Rev up your workouts. Unless your body is supermodel perfect, consider pumping up your exercise routine. If you start now, you can lose those extra five pounds, firm up your abs and round out your derriere just in time for the big day. Regular workouts before the wedding will help you look extra fabulous in all those wedding photos.

2. Get a killer haircut. Make an appointment for two weeks before the wedding. When the big day rolls around, your cut will be fresh enough to look amazing but not so fresh as to look “just done.” You might want to add some color or highlights as well; you won’t have time for bad hair days on your honeymoon! If you feel adventurous and want to make waves, consider hair extensions. They last about eight weeks and can turn short, skimpy, damaged locks into a healthy lion’s mane. If you want a professional updo for the wedding, make that appointment now as well.

3. Shine up your smile. Getting your teeth whitened prior to the wedding will guarantee that your wedding photos will sparkle. Make the appointment for about a week before the wedding so that any gum sensitivity has time to clear up.

4. Schedule a manicure and pedicure. Do this shortly before the wedding to reduce the potential for chipping. If you want worry-free nails, a gel manicure will go the distance.

5. Consider eyelash extensions. With lash extensions, you won’t need eye makeup on your honeymoon. Extensions last for about two months and can cut your makeup routine in half. An extra bonus is that if your honeymoon involves a beach, you won’t have to worry about smearing eye makeup or mascara in your eyes whenever you go in the water.

6. Schedule a waxing session. Hairy legs have no place on a honeymoon. Remove excess body hair by waxing a few days before the wedding, and you’ll be smooth as silk for weeks.

7. Get a facial. A deep-cleaning and exfoliating facial can give your skin a fresh, radiant glow and a dewy finish. It will also boost circulation to renew skin cells. As an added bonus, facials can smooth fine lines and make you look younger.

8. Have your eyebrows shaped. Just make sure that your cosmetician doesn’t go overboard. Thick, full brows are in style right now, so if you’ve got them, flaunt them.

9. Take a bubble bath. Start your wedding day with a relaxing scented bubble bath and a mug of hot herbal tea. For extra pampering, add bath oil, candles and music. It’s a great way to prepare yourself for the hectic hours ahead.

10. Have a light breakfast. A breakfast of oatmeal or yogurt (or both) will ground you and give you energy without making you feel full.

Every bride experiences some degree of pre-wedding jitters. This is perfectly normal, but if you take good care of yourself in the weeks before the wedding, you’ll look marvelous no matter how nervous you feel!

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