Ten Great Beauty Gift Ideas for New Moms

Ten Great Beauty Gift Ideas for New Moms Amazing Lash Studio Houston

Adjusting to life as a new mom is tough; there’s little time left over for sleep and even less for a beauty routine. If you’re a new mom or have a new mom in your life, she’s probably staying extremely busy and struggling to maintain her own sense of identity.

Fortunately, there are ways to help her feel and look her best despite the drastic lifestyle changes. Here are ten great beauty gifts to brighten her holidays and make her feel beautiful again.
Holiday Beauty Gifts for New Moms

Nothing can make a new mom feel more beautiful than a day at the spa. Book a facial, a manicure and a massage for the ultimate gift. Be sure to provide a reliable babysitter to care for her child during the appointment so that she won’t feel stressed.

A gift certificate for a blowout, cut-and-style package or professional hair color can make her day, especially if she’s been reduced to using baby shampoo and wearing cookie crumbs in her hair.

With a small child, she’ll be washing her hands frequently to remove sticky foods and avoid spreading germs. Her hands may become dry and rough, which doesn’t make anyone feel attractive. An indulgent set of high-quality hand creams can provide pleasure and relief.

If the smells of disinfectant and baby powder have taken the place of more sophisticated aromas, indulge her nose with a trendy new celebrity-inspired cologne spray.

With little time to spend on makeup, new moms can appreciate the casual beauty of tinted lip balms. Find a scented or flavored set to make her feel kissable.

If she’s trying to get back in shape, help her meet her goals with a wearable fitness tracker.

Help her end a long, busy day with an indulgent bath. Premium bath bombs or scented salts will pamper and soften her skin while she unwinds.

Aromatherapy using essential oils can relieve her stress and help her feel more centered. Visit a holistic store or website to find the perfect essential oils for a beginner.

Beauty starts inside the body, and new moms often neglect their own diets to care for their babies’ needs, especially during busy holidays. A gift basket filled with healthy, wholesome foods and snacks that require little preparation time is a perfect holiday gift.

Treat her to a set of eyelash extensions. They look great and there is no makeup needed.

Finding the perfect gift for new moms is all about making her feel great, even when she may not be getting the sleep she needs.

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