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Tips to Make Small Eyes Pop by
Amazing Lash Studio Houston
Have naturally small eyes? Here are tips to make small eyes pop by Amazing Lash Studio Houston! Many women who have naturally small eyes feel that they will never be able to have bright, beautiful eyes that stand out. Fortunately, there are beauty secrets that allow everyone to achieve a bold look. Use these helpful Read More
5 Hot Beauty Trends for Prom 2013
Not only is prom one of the most glamorous events of the season, it’s also an opportunity to experiment with some of the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Whether you’re preparing for your own prom or are just looking for a way to capture some prom glitz for your next outing, here are 5 hot Read More
Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Eyes for Women
Working in Technology
Taking care of your beautiful eyes when you work in technology can be more challenging. Women are becoming increasingly invested in careers that were once the sole territory of men. One of the fastest growing trends right now is women in technological fields such as computer programming or electrical engineering. Even women who don’t work Read More
Tips For Your 2013 Spring Break!
After a long winter of studying, spring break provides a welcome respite for college students around the country. It has a reputation for being the best time to search for parties in exotic destinations, and making spring break plans is the highlight of the season for many young adults. If you’re looking for an exciting Read More