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Tips To Achieving Inner and Outer Beauty
Through Beautiful Eyes
Beauty exists inside your heart as well as the outside of your body. Inner beauty helps to reduce stress and promote mental and physical health. Outer beauty makes you more attractive to others and helps gain positive attention in every social interaction. Being beautiful inside and out will promote confidence and self-image, and it ensures Read More
Increase Confidence and Mask Fears – Natural
Looking Lashes
According to a study reported by The Daily Mail, nearly a third of women confess to having “makeup agoraphobia,” or the fear of leaving the house without wearing makeup. The same study found that 10 percent of women even refuse to be seen by their partners without makeup, preferring instead to sleep with a full Read More
Top Five Pampered Gift Sets for Women
in Houston
Are you looking for that perfect present for the special women in your life? Then read our top five pampered gift sets for women in Houston! Everyone loves feeling like they’re the most important person in the world, even if it’s only for a short while during a beauty treatment. Sadly, our cultural values make Read More
Tips For Your 2013 Spring Break!
After a long winter of studying, spring break provides a welcome respite for college students around the country. It has a reputation for being the best time to search for parties in exotic destinations, and making spring break plans is the highlight of the season for many young adults. If you’re looking for an exciting Read More
Get The Grammy Look – Get Those Lashes!
From the stunning to the outlandish, the Grammy Awards always showcases the newest trends in fashion. This year was no exception. Although not every fashion worn at the Grammy’s may not be a wise choice for daily wear, you can definitely take a few tips from the way these stars presented themselves for your everyday Read More
Makeup Tips To Ace Job Interviews –
Keep Your Eyes In Mind
In an ideal world, a potential employer would only be interested in what you had to say. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Studies show that employers today are paying attention to more than just an applicant’s resume. In the case of female candidates, makeup application and personal hygiene actually play a very significant factors Read More