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Planning Your Dream Wedding – Fabulous Wedding
Makeup Tips
Summer is officially the  most  popular wedding season of the year, which means there are many women busy scrambling and stressing to make their dream wedding come true. For every woman, details are important from the wedding ceremony down to the wedding makeup. When you get married, you want every aspect of the day to Read More
Get Lovely Lashes with Semi Permanent Eyelash
Extensions in Houston
Are you considering semi permanent eyelash extensions? If so, do a bit of research beforehand so you’ll get exactly the results you want. Here is some basic information about lash extensions; if you have additional questions or want more information, be sure to ask your technician at Amazing Lash Studio Houston. Why Should I Get Read More
Longer Lashes with Eyelash Extensions from Amazing
Lash Studio Houston
Your eyelashes go a long way towards highlighting your face’s natural beauty and showing off your eyes. Unfortunately, many women simply don’t feel like their lashes are doing them justice. Maybe you find yourself filled with jealousy when you flip through celebrity gossip magazines and see the luscious lashes of famous celebrities. After all, it’s Read More
Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions for Fall in Houston
Every season features the hottest fashion trends, and it’s semi-permanent eyelash extensions for Fall!  As the summer transitions into autumn, you should follow suit and consider changing up your look for the upcoming months. Since fall is the most dramatic season of the year, have some fun with a striking makeover. I know what you’re thinking. Read More
Get the Best Eyelashes in Houston
The best way to learn how to do something right is to talk to an expert, and experts build their knowledge through years of practical experience. At Amazing Lash Studio Houston, we’ve spent years studying lash care, and we’re become experts in the field of beautiful, healthy lashes. To help you get the best eyelashes Read More
What Products Can I Use on My
Synthetic Eyelash Extensions?
If you have synthetic eyelash extensions or have considered getting them, then you have no doubt been told many different opinions on how you need to care for them.  In fact, there is really only one thing lash extension experts seem to agree upon, “After you have invested in eyelash extensions you want to take Read More
Swimming with Eyelash Extensions
As the weather heats up, it’s time to spend your afternoons lounging at the beach or taking a dip in the pool to cool off. Not only is swimming a great way to beat the heat, the poolside or beach is also a great place to show off your gorgeous new Amazing Lash Studio lashes. Read More
Look Younger with Eyelash Extensions
Many female celebrities are hitting the age of 50 this year including the ever-youthful Michelle Obama, Courtney Cox and Sandra Bullock. As we stand in awe of their ability to look as fresh as flowers despite advancing age and the stresses of fame and fortune, we wonder how they do it. A healthy lifestyle and Read More
Eyelash Extensions and the American Way of Life
Every year, we set aside the final Monday of May to honor our fallen soldiers. Memorial Day helps us to remember the freedoms we enjoy because of their brave sacrifice. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are what they fought and died for, and our American way of life should always reflect and pay Read More
Giving Thanks for Amazing Lashes
Just because Thanksgiving has come and gone is no reason to stop giving thanks. Being thankful is a habit that will enrich your life year round. Showing your appreciation for the people and things around you is a great way to realize how blessed you really are. Giving thanks to the people you meet can also Read More