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Tips To Achieving Inner and Outer Beauty
Through Beautiful Eyes
Beauty exists inside your heart as well as the outside of your body. Inner beauty helps to reduce stress and promote mental and physical health. Outer beauty makes you more attractive to others and helps gain positive attention in every social interaction. Being beautiful inside and out will promote confidence and self-image, and it ensures Read More
Increase Confidence and Mask Fears – Natural
Looking Lashes
According to a study reported by The Daily Mail, nearly a third of women confess to having “makeup agoraphobia,” or the fear of leaving the house without wearing makeup. The same study found that 10 percent of women even refuse to be seen by their partners without makeup, preferring instead to sleep with a full Read More
Longer Lashes with Eyelash Extensions from Amazing
Lash Studio Houston
Your eyelashes go a long way towards highlighting your face’s natural beauty and showing off your eyes. Unfortunately, many women simply don’t feel like their lashes are doing them justice. Maybe you find yourself filled with jealousy when you flip through celebrity gossip magazines and see the luscious lashes of famous celebrities. After all, it’s Read More
Get Ready To SPRING Into Baseball
The groundhog may have predicted six more weeks of winter, but baseball fans know that spring is just around the corner. The Houston Astros are in the midst of spring training games in Florida in preparation for baseball season.  If you’re pulling out your Astros gear and getting ready for baseball season, here are a Read More
Michelle Obama Fashion: Her Eyes Say It All
Although the title “first lady”  isn’t an official office, it is a role that comes with many responsibilities. There has always been a first lady in the White House, even when the president himself has no wife. In cases where the president was a widower, the role would be taken up by a daughter, niece Read More
Red Lips and Amazing Eyelashes
The holidays are a season for fun and glamour. As you attend festive parties and spread good cheer, there’s no reason to be subtle; go for a bold, glamorous look that will keep everyone talking for the rest of the season.
Eyelash Extensions, A Great Alternative For Your
Summer Makeup
As summer temperatures expect to reach record high, it’s more important now than ever to keep cool. Heat isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also lead to dehydration and in addition it can make your summer makeup routine very difficult to maintain as well. Making sure that your body is always cool and staying  hydrated will Read More
Tips For Finding The Perfect Summer Fling
– Looking For Love
Warm, summer nights make the perfect atmosphere for one to kindle up a sweet summer romance. If you’re single and looking for love, summer is a wonderful chance to meet and mingle with other single individuals. With more relaxing work schedules and beautiful places to visit, there’s endless opportunities to meet others and have fun. Read More
Tips To Get That Summer Job –
Keep Your Eyes Open For Opportunities
Whether you’re currently unemployed or simply looking for a career change, summer is the perfect time to start looking for a job. Especially during the summer, many industries tend to experience a slower pace of work giving them more time to interview and train new employees. Depending on the industry however, many companies can actually Read More
Take Care of Your Eyes – Lash Extensions
Many times you can tell so much about a person by just looking at their eyes. You can tell when someone is happy, when someone is sad, when someone is uncomfortable or distressed, and the list goes on. Along with that our eyes open up the world to us, they show us beauty, they show Read More