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Increase Confidence and Mask Fears – Natural
Looking Lashes
According to a study reported by The Daily Mail, nearly a third of women confess to having “makeup agoraphobia,” or the fear of leaving the house without wearing makeup. The same study found that 10 percent of women even refuse to be seen by their partners without makeup, preferring instead to sleep with a full Read More
Quick Beauty Tips for Working Moms
Let’s face it: Being a mom to kids of any age isn’t easy. Between cleaning the house, raising a family and holding down a full-time job to boot, there isn’t much time left to take care of yourself, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to do it. When you work this hard, you Read More
Tips to Make Small Eyes Pop by
Amazing Lash Studio Houston
Have naturally small eyes? Here are tips to make small eyes pop by Amazing Lash Studio Houston! Many women who have naturally small eyes feel that they will never be able to have bright, beautiful eyes that stand out. Fortunately, there are beauty secrets that allow everyone to achieve a bold look. Use these helpful Read More
Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions for Fall in Houston
Every season features the hottest fashion trends, and it’s semi-permanent eyelash extensions for Fall!  As the summer transitions into autumn, you should follow suit and consider changing up your look for the upcoming months. Since fall is the most dramatic season of the year, have some fun with a striking makeover. I know what you’re thinking. Read More
Top Five Pampered Gift Sets for Women
in Houston
Are you looking for that perfect present for the special women in your life? Then read our top five pampered gift sets for women in Houston! Everyone loves feeling like they’re the most important person in the world, even if it’s only for a short while during a beauty treatment. Sadly, our cultural values make Read More
Thinking about eyelash extensions? What you need
to know
Lash extensions are a great way to boost the beauty of your lashes with a more natural look, avoiding the hassle of mascara and false lashes. If you’ve never had extensions before, you may be a bit nervous or don’t know what to expect. Here’s what you need to know before you visit the salon Read More
5 Hot Beauty Trends for Prom 2013
Not only is prom one of the most glamorous events of the season, it’s also an opportunity to experiment with some of the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Whether you’re preparing for your own prom or are just looking for a way to capture some prom glitz for your next outing, here are 5 hot Read More
How To Get Oscar Award Winning Eyes
The Oscars are one of the greatest places to catch up on fashion and beauty trends. From luxurious lashes to risque outfits, the stars certainly set a vibrant example for stunning new looks. Whether you were looking to the Oscars for beauty tips and trends or just tuning in to see who won the awards, Read More
Wedding Lashes For the Bridal Party
Weddings are one of the most exciting and stressful events that most women experience. Not only is it stressful for the bride, the job of the bridesmaid comes with its own share of stress as well. When things go wrong, it’s the bridesmaid’s responsibility to comfort the bride and help steer things back on track. Read More
Best Gifts For Her, Diamonds? Think Again!
– Lash Extensions
February, the romantic month of love. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or any special occasion, these events can put a lot of stress on couples as partners struggle to find meaningful ways to celebrate one another. With rows of pink and red candy packages filling up aisles at every store and jewelry commercials Read More