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Increase Confidence and Mask Fears – Natural
Looking Lashes
According to a study reported by The Daily Mail, nearly a third of women confess to having “makeup agoraphobia,” or the fear of leaving the house without wearing makeup. The same study found that 10 percent of women even refuse to be seen by their partners without makeup, preferring instead to sleep with a full Read More
Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions for Fall in Houston
Every season features the hottest fashion trends, and it’s semi-permanent eyelash extensions for Fall!  As the summer transitions into autumn, you should follow suit and consider changing up your look for the upcoming months. Since fall is the most dramatic season of the year, have some fun with a striking makeover. I know what you’re thinking. Read More
Eyelash Extensions Before and After
Are you tired of relying on time-consuming makeup tricks to look your best? If you want to wake up every morning with dramatic, full lashes, eyelash extensions are a great choice. With semi-permanent eyelash extensions, you’ll look youthful and fresh both day and night without any effort. If you’re worried about lash extensions giving you Read More
Makeup Tips For Busy Moms
Moms these days are busy with juggling multiple responsibilities. At times, you can feel like you’re racing to keep up with your children and job, spending time with your husband and friends and maintaining the home. With so many things tugging you in different directions, keeping up with your makeup routine can seem impossible. As Read More
Confidence: The Power of Eyelash Extensions
Good self-esteem is crucial to having a happy, healthy life. People who have confidence in themselves and their abilities are more likely to pursue new opportunities and surround themselves with supportive and successful friends. Although no single factor is totally responsible for self-esteem, taking pride in your personal appearance is a good first step. When Read More
Be Beautiful Inside and Out – Health
and Beauty Trends of 2013
Beauty is complex, and it goes far deeper than a person’s physical appearance. The most beautiful people are those who are healthy and confident. Inner health is reflected in the outside of the body in a number of subtle ways, from a clearer complexion to bright eyes and better posture. Simply put, people who feel Read More
Tips For Finding The Perfect Summer Fling
– Looking For Love
Warm, summer nights make the perfect atmosphere for one to kindle up a sweet summer romance. If you’re single and looking for love, summer is a wonderful chance to meet and mingle with other single individuals. With more relaxing work schedules and beautiful places to visit, there’s endless opportunities to meet others and have fun. Read More
Boost Your Lashes and Boost Your Confidence
In The Workplace!
For most people, holding a job is a necessity. Unfortunately, not all workers are pleased with the jobs they hold. There are several reasons for job dissatisfaction. The employee may be in the wrong field or suffering for recognition or appreciation. In other cases, the employee might not feel confident in the job she holds, Read More