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How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions.
Eyelash extensions cost more than a tube of mascara or a set of false lashes, but, when properly cared for, they can actually save you a lot of money. Instead of spending a lot of time and money every day to make natural eyelashes look better, women with eyelash extensions will find that they can Read More
Do’s and Don’t of Lash Extensions
Looking for a way to dramatically change your look for the new year? You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to turn heads. Semi permanent eyelashes for beautiful eyes provide a big boost in about 90 minutes and can even simplify your beauty routine. 1. Prepare to Relax As long as Read More
Get Lovely Lashes with Semi Permanent Eyelash
Extensions in Houston
Are you considering semi permanent eyelash extensions? If so, do a bit of research beforehand so you’ll get exactly the results you want. Here is some basic information about lash extensions; if you have additional questions or want more information, be sure to ask your technician at Amazing Lash Studio Houston. Why Should I Get Read More
Best Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions in Houston
You have finally decided to get the semi permanent eyelash extensions. Mascara and strip lashes are well-known methods for making them look longer and fuller, but to achieve really amazing, natural-looking lashes, extensions are the way to go. A licensed practitioner at Amazing Lash Studio attaches these semi-permanent, synthetic additions to your own natural lashes Read More
Removing Eyelash Extensions: Tips to Make it Easy
Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent beauty solution. They certainly last longer than glue-on false lash strips or mascara, but they are still temporary. The extension is glued directly to the lash, and any extension will last only as long as your eyelash itself. Since your lashes grow at different rates, this means that you may Read More
Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Eyes for Women
Working in Technology
Taking care of your beautiful eyes when you work in technology can be more challenging. Women are becoming increasingly invested in careers that were once the sole territory of men. One of the fastest growing trends right now is women in technological fields such as computer programming or electrical engineering. Even women who don’t work Read More