Simple Beauty Hacks for New Moms

As you face the demands and responsibilities of being a new mom, you may not be able to find time for your familiar beauty routine. Being a new mother doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking your best. You just need tips that help to shorten preparation time. Here are eight smart beauty hacks for new moms that will keep you looking gorgeous no matter how little time you have left in your schedule.

Beauty Hacks for New Moms

Must-Have Beauty Hacks for New Mothers

  1. Makeup removal wipes can be your new best friend. They remove your makeup in seconds and prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Cleansing wipes are a perfect solution for those times when you’re too exhausted to wash your face, or you just can’t put down your sleepy baby.
  2. Dry your hair faster by using a microfiber towel. The fabric absorbs water quickly, and the texture helps prevent hair breakage and frizz.
  3. Save time by going for the neutral look. Invest in one high-quality eye shadow palette that includes natural, nude shades that look great with your eye color and skin tone. When you’re in a hurry, brush a single color across your entire eyelid. You can try contouring, layering shades and adding shimmer when you have more time. With one versatile set of eye shadows, you won’t have to fumble through a stack of colors trying to match your outfit or mood.
  4. Get eyelash extensions. They can be applied in one appointment, and you’ll have long, lush, youthful lashes every morning for weeks. You’ll never have to worry about messy mascara smudges, and your makeup routine will be faster and easier than ever.
  5. Embrace the ponytail. It’s the perfect hair style for new moms. It looks youthful and neat, it prevents little fingers from pulling your hair, and it takes only seconds to perfect. When you want something with a little more finesse, try a braided ponytail.
  6. Keep a colorful neck scarf on hand for style emergencies. It can instantly brighten the look of casual, around-the-house outfits, and it can also hide baby-related stains in a flash.
  7. Revitalize your body from the inside out. Drink nutrient-rich, energy-enhancing juices. A watermelon, cucumber and lime juice blend provides hydration, anti-inflammatory effects and an immunity-boosting dose of vitamin C. When your body gets what it needs, it will show.

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