Seven Simple Tips for Perfect Eye Makeup

Seven Simple Tips for Perfect Eye Makeup ALS houstonCelebrities always seem to have a ton going for them, including some of the best eye makeup looks around. Maybe you’ve looked at celeb glossies and wondered how you could get those big, beautiful eyes. Now the celebrity looks that you envy are easy to pull off with these seven simple tips.

Find the best eye makeup for your eye color. Making your eyes pop means finding colors that complement them. Before you try a new look, check out these tips to find the right hues for your eyes.

Brighten your eyes. Use a glistening pink shadow, highlighting liquid or pencil to brighten your eyes in both corners and at the arch of your brow bone. This is one of the best ways to beat tired eyes without heavy concealer.

Add a touch of shimmer. Apply a light wash of sheer, shimmering cream shadow all the way from your lash lines to your brow bone. This provides a beautiful base for the rest of your look. Choose white and silvery shades if you have pale skin and champagne colors for darker skin tones.

Opt for warm metallics. A sun-baked bronze or glimmering gold will make your eyes pop without making them look heavy or dark. Apply the shadow in the creases of your eyes with a flat brush, then blend downwards with your fingers. Make sure there aren’t any harsh lines for a softer look.

Define with a liner. For a sultry, classic look, use a dark brown or black eyeliner to add definition. You can even finish with a cat’s eye flare. For a more colorful look, choose a bright liner that compliments the rest of your look. If you want a quick everyday look, opt for a liner that suits your eye color and smudge it gently so it doesn’t look too harsh.

Blend, blend, blend. No matter the colors you use, blending your eyeshadow well is absolutely essential. Use a blending brush to make shadow look uniform. When using multiple shades, think of blending as creating a gradient across or up your eyelid.

Make your lashes pop. Great eyes are never complete without attention to eyelashes. You can choose to curl your lashes and apply mascara every day or you can opt to have long luscious lash extensions applied. If you don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning, go for the convenience of extensions. They are beautiful and will make you look amazing!

No one wants to spend these beautiful summer days inside getting ready to head outside, so simplify your beauty routine while still looking flawless all summer long. It’s easy with these simple makeup tips.

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