Semi Permanent Lashes: The Ins and Outs of Changing Your Look

Change Your Look with Lash ExtensionsCan semi-permanent eyelashes give you the dramatic look you are looking for? We know that winter is packed with endless ways to change up your wardrobe – hello, cozy sweaters and ankle boots – but we’re all about dramatic changes that don’t require a complete makeover or closet redo. Spending tons of cash on an update that may feel dated in a matter of minutes? We’ll pass.


That’s where eyelash extensions enter the picture. Not only do these celebrity-cherished stunners upgrade your look instantly – and never go out of style – but they also erase the hassle associated with applying fake lashes on a daily basis. Ahead, we answer a few of the most common questions about these flutter-worthy falsies.


What exactly are eyelash extensions?


Think of them as classic false lashes that are applied by a professional and last longer than an evening. Made from silk, mink or synthetic materials, these individual lashes go on with a semi-permanent glue and stay put for six to eight weeks.


How do they update my look?


If you’ve ever found that one killer mascara or tried temporary lashes for a special night, you know what a difference your eyes can make for your total appearance. We’re talking fluttery, flirty, super-long lashes that don’t even need curling to look gorgeous. You can go as dramatic or natural as you want; the end result is completely your call.


Do they require any special maintenance?


Only a little. Because extensions begin to fall out as your natural lashes grow, you’ll want to schedule maintenance appointments every three to four weeks. Also, depending on the type of glue your stylist used, you may need to avoid certain oil-based beauty products.


Do they take forever to apply?


It depends on how many lashes you’re having done. A full set usually takes roughly 1.5 hours, but a half set will go much more quickly. We recommend the latter option for anyone who’s trying extensions for the first time. It’s the best way to add some oomph without making a huge change.


Will they hurt my natural lashes?


When applied by an experienced professional, extensions do absolutely no damage to your natural lashes. Just be sure not to fuss with them or rub your eyes constantly; that could cause the extensions to come off prematurely, often taking your natural lashes with them.


Can I still wear makeup?


Liners and shadows are fine, but you’ll want to use mascara with an incredibly light touch and only at the tips to avoid major clumping. Stay away from waterproof mascaras entirely; those products are typically more difficult to remove, so you might inadvertently pull out the extensions in the process. Plus, with semi permanent lashes this dramatically gorgeous, who needs mascara at all?


Make your appointment and change your look!








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