Red Lips and Amazing Eyelashes

Semi permanent eyelash extensions in HoustonThe holidays are a season for fun and glamour. As you attend festive parties and spread good cheer, there’s no reason to be subtle; go for a bold, glamorous look that will keep everyone talking for the rest of the season.

While bold makeup choices can be luscious, there’s a fine line between Amazing Diva and Bozo the Clown. Your goal is to achieve a gorgeous, striking look without overpowering your features with makeup. To do so, try focusing on just a couple of features and ensure that they really stand out. For example, long eyelashes pair beautifully with luscious red lips, and the end result is dramatic without being overpowering.

Here are some holiday makeup tips for getting it right:

  • Start with eyelash extensions from Amazing Lash studio, which provide length and volume to your eyelashes without the fuss of false eyelashes or heavy mascara. Eyelash extensions look soft and more natural and they will draw attention to your eyes with minimal effort on your part.
  • Choose a red lipstick that works with your skin tone. There are many different shades of red, and picking the right tone is important. Women with fair skin do best with cranberry or cherry tones. Medium complexions look best with a hint of orange, and dark-skinned women should choose something with a hint of pink, such as raspberry.
  • ¬†Accent your eyes with a neutral eye shadow. However, neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Choose something with a bit of shimmer, like Sephora’s Urban Decay, to add just a little sparkle to your look.
  • Add some definition to your eyes with black liquid eyeliner. Apply this to the top lid only for smoldering eyes that don’t look too overdone.
  • Use an illuminator and a light dusting of pink or peach blush. Stick with a shade close to your skin tone; you’re trying to complement your lips and eyes, not draw attention away from them.

Once you’ve followed these tips, slip into your best dress and be prepared to turn some heads at your holiday events!


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