Preparing for Your Wedding Announcements with Eyelash Extensions

Wedding AnnouncementYour wedding will be one of the most exciting events of your life, and you’ll want to share it with the world. Wedding announcements are typically submitted to local newspapers or websites within several days of the wedding. To avoid confusion, have your plans in place a week or so before the ceremony.

History of the Wedding Announcement

Newspaper wedding announcements can be made both before and after a wedding. The practice of publicly announcing engagements is related to the old tradition of “the reading of the banns,” which gave people within the community plenty of time to object to a union. Wedding announcements submitted after the ceremony often served as a way to alert society that a son or daughter was marrying into an affluent family. In modern times, both types of announcements generally serve the more casual purpose of sharing joy.

What You’ll Need

Preparing for your wedding announcement involves carefully reviewing each newspaper’s submission requirements and providing the following personal information.

— A high-quality wedding photograph

— Full names of the bride, the groom and both sets of parents and grandparents

— Where the couple and their parents are from

–The couple’s educational and occupational details

— Location and date of the wedding or general time frame for a future ceremony

— Personal stories or details if allowed

Look Great In Your Announcement Photo with Eyelash Extensions

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, especially in photographs that will capture the moment forever. Lush, thick lashes make your eyes the focal point of your face in photos and in person. Whether you are seeking a wide-eyed innocent look or red-carpet glamour, Amazing Lash Studios Houston has the perfect lash extensions to light up your eyes, and make your wedding photos unforgettable. If you haven’t made an appointment to get lash extensions for your wedding, contact a technician now to ensure the best timing.

Resources for Placing Your Wedding Announcement in Houston

The following links to popular local news resources will help you announce your legal union, and share your wedding-day beauty with the world. Be sure to check all newspaper guidelines before submitting your ad.

Your Houston News:
Houston Herald Online:
The Houston Chronicle:

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