Powerful Women and Love

Powerful and modern woman

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The modern woman wants it all: An education, career and family. Many opportunities are available for today’s women more than ever before and there are a number of them who are able to lead the lives they’d always wanted. Unfortunately, many others often stumble when it comes to the issue of love. For women who focused on their careers first, finding love later in life can often pose quite a challenge.

These “power women” may quickly discover that by the time they actually have the time for romance, there are only a few viable options left in the dating pool. Most people couple in their 20’s and the remaining single men may not meet the standards of these powerful single women.

Fortunately, though the dating pool may seem shallow at first, take a second look and you’ll find that it can be deeper than it appears. Here are a few tips to finding the guy of your dreams as a powerful woman of today’s society:

  • Make a list of qualities you’re looking for, and consider what you might be willing to compromise on. The less specific your requirements, the better your odds of finding a man who will match. Be open-minded. Income may be less important to you than education, for example, or a shared belief system might trump an advanced degree.
  • Find places where powerful men tend to congregate. Bars are fine for some people, but they’re not always the right place to find genuine, well-educated partners. Dating in the workplace is often a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mingle with potential singles at conventions. Clubs for specific interests are also a good source.
  • Consider online dating. More and more couples are meeting up through dating sites, and they provide a smart way for you to sort and vet potential suitors before meeting them. This will help you filter out all the undesirable traits so you can focus your attention on landing a guy you really want.
  • When you go out, always strive to look your best. You never know where you’ll find a potential suitor, and you’ll want to be ready to capture his attention if you see him. One of the easiest ways is to play up your eyes. Men report that eyes are one of the first things they notice on a woman, and enhancing your eyes can make flirting more successful. For a no-fuss option, consider eyelash extensions. They require little maintenance once applied and look more natural than heavy makeup while still accenting your eyes.

Finding love isn’t always easy, but making yourself accessible to the kind of men you want is the first step. Just like a career, the perfect relationship takes effort to achieve, but it’s well worth it in the end.

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