Creating A Positive Self Image – featuring Kim Kardashian

Negative body image is a serious problem for many people, especially women. The media overwhelms women with messages about how they should look and act, and many of the ideals are impossible to obtain. For some people, struggling to live up to this unrealistic standard causes anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. Fortunately, there are a number of positive role models in the media who can help women with creating a positive self image for themselves.  One of the most beautiful “natural women” on television today is Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is a socialite and television personality. Her personal friendship with Paris Hilton introduced her to the socialite scene and helped rocket her into fame. In 2007, she became the star of a reality TV show, <i>Keeping Up With the Kardashians</i>, and the program has inspired several spin-offs. Since then, she’s appeared in movies, television programs, commercials and other media.

One of the reasons behind Kim’s fame is her obvious natural beauty. She stands out from other celebrities thanks to her voluptuous figure, stunning complexion and especially her luminous eyes. The presence of such a beautifully curvaceous figure represents a definite positive step for the portrayal of women in modern media. Kim, recognizing her power and influence as a role model, is very vocal on the topic of body acceptance and positive self-image.

Although the best message of body acceptance is realizing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, there’s plenty of value in emulating some of Kim’s personal “look.” By following her example, you can find ways to accent your best features. Even if you don’t have a curvy figure, you can borrow other aspects of her look to enhance your own beauty.

Kim’s eyes are one of her most stunning features. Her dark eyes, rimmed with ample lashes, serve as a dramatic focal point. You, too, can capture this soulful, eye-catching look. Fake eyelashes are one way to achieve this look: Simply apply the fake lashes over your own, then weave them together with your natural lashes with high-quality mascara.

If you’re looking for a more long-lasting and natural-looking solution, eyelash extensions are the best choice. Lash extensions attach to your own natural eyelashes to lend length and body. They look more natural than fake lashes and are very sturdy. They also require little help to maintain, and you can look your best at all times without spending too much time getting ready each morning.

Kim Kardashian’s eyes are one of her most signature features, and taking the time to emulate her look will help you enhance your unique natural beauty. For some women, having truly stunning eyes is the first step to gaining more self-confidence and you may start feeling bold enough to truly love your body for the way it is.

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