How To Get Oscar Award Winning Eyes

The Oscars are one of the greatest places to catch up on fashion and beauty trends. From luxurious lashes to risque outfits, the stars certainly set a vibrant example for stunning new looks. Whether you were looking to the Oscars for beauty tips and trends or just tuning in to see who won the awards, you couldn’t miss the beautiful Anne Hathaway at this year’s ceremony.

Although Argo won the award for Best Picture, the breathtaking musical, Les Miserables also earned a number of nominations, and Anne Hathaway ending up taking home the award for Best Supporting Actress. The honor was well deserved, nobody can deny that Anne’s performance was heartfelt, powerful and brave.

Of course, it’s also no surprise that she looked amazing as always at the awards ceremony. Few people share her soft, natural beauty, and we we’re talking about Anne Hathaway we definitely need to talk about those Oscar-Winning eyes of hers! Anne Hathaway captures a unique balance of soulful and sultry, and her long lashes perfectly framed her large, dark eyes. Coupled with otherwise simple makeup, Anne wisely let her eyes play center stage.

Eyes are the window to the soul, and celebrities throughout the ages have capitalized on the effects of luxurious lashes to frame and accentuate this important feature. The legendary Elizabeth Taylor set the standard for thick lashes, and the trend continues in modern celebrities like Kim Kardashian and of course, Anne Hathaway.

If you want to copy this red carpet look yourself, the first step might be getting eyelash extensions. Unlike false lashes, which are fussy to apply and can begin drooping after a long night, lash extensions are durable and long-lasting. They also look more natural than other eye products, and the volume enhancing effect of lash extensions looks great no matter what other products you might choose to put on.

Modern beauty icons like Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez proudly wear lash extensions, and the trend is gaining popularity throughout Hollywood. Unlike expensive surgery or fussy cosmetics, eyelash extensions are an easy way to look more glamorous every day. This makes lash extensions accessible to anyone who wants to enhance their natural beauty, and they’re the fastest growing new beauty trend. For people looking for a simple and stunning beauty solution, lash extensions are an obvious choice.

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