Your Mom Deserves An Eyelash Extension Membership For Mother’s Day


Membership for Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up, we’re all looking for a way to honor our moms. Flowers, jewelry and a nice dinner out can all be great gestures of your love, but they last only one day. The best Mother’s Day gifts last throughout the year, allowing your mom to feel special and appreciated year-round.

Of course, you don’t need a special event to give a gift to your mom; it’s always a good time to thank her for the time she’s spent on taking care of you in your life. After all, moms have it hard:

— Your mom had to endure the physical pain of labor to bring you into the world, and she’s lost plenty of sleep, meals and leisure time since then.

— How many days of her life has she foregone makeup, a nice hairdo or even a shower just to get us to our commitments and activities on time?

–How many mornings has she woken up feeling tired after caring for us all night when we’re sick or had bad dreams?

— How many of her laugh and worry lines can be attributed to incidents from our lives?

— No one has ever spent more of her time on your life than your mother, and no one’s made more sacrifices to make sure you’re happy.

— Moms don’t get many breaks. Even when the kids are grown and away from home, moms still spend a lot of their time worrying about their kids. Proving that you’re doing all right for yourself and showing that you can take care of her sometimes can help set her mind at ease.

For these reasons and a million more, you owe it to your mom to really pamper her on Mother’s Day. Give her the gift of youthful, rejuvenated eyes with eyelash extensions. In under an hour, she can have beautifully refreshed eyes that will leave her feeling younger. She can even use the appointment for a quick nap or as a way to just lay back and relax for a while.

Better yet, instead of just making one appointment, give your mom the gift of a membership to Amazing Lash Studio Houston. By buying a membership, you can ensure that your mom gets pampered once a month and will have gorgeous, low-maintenance lashes that will keep her looking gorgeous all year long.

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