Michelle Obama Fashion: Her Eyes Say It All

Although the title “first lady” ┬áisn’t an official office, it is a role that comes with many responsibilities. There has always been a first lady in the White House, even when the president himself has no wife. In cases where the president was a widower, the role would be taken up by a daughter, niece or other relative.

The job of the first lady is to host social events and play an active role in social causes and public appearances. She’s an integral part of the president’s image and plays a crucial role in interacting with the public. While she’s not paid a salary for this job, there is federal funding to pay her staff to assist her in helping the president carry out his duties.

Michelle Obama is not the first of the first ladies to recognize the importance of her role in engaging the public, but she is the first to consistently travel with a makeup artist, and the results are obvious: Time and again she’s noticed as one of the most stylish first ladies in history, and her power fashions have helped cement her as a strong 21st Century role model.

Coupled with her daring fashion sense are clever makeup choices that emphasize youth and softness. From gently arcing eyebrows to a soft glow in her makeup, Michelle Obama’s style is simultaneously natural and chic. The false lashes she routinely wears help draw more attention to her eyes and make them more expressive in photographs.

Of course, she does catch some negative press for those false lashes. It might be a better investment for her to try eyelash extensions instead. Not only do lash extensions provide a more youthful look, they also require little maintenance and allow you to spend more time on other parts of your makeup routine.

If there’s one lesson every woman should take from Michelle Obama, it’s that you need to be mindful not just of how your eyes look, but in what you do with them. As one of the most public women alive today, every expression First Lady Obama makes is analyzed by the press, from eye rolls to perceived angry eyebrows. Although you probably aren’t prone to the same level of scrutiny, you do make an impact on your own social sphere, and your eyes tell a story about who you are. Be sure they’re telling the right one.

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