Makeup Tips To Ace Job Interviews – Keep Your Eyes In Mind

Makeup tips for job interviewsIn an ideal world, a potential employer would only be interested in what you had to say. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Studies show that employers today are paying attention to more than just an applicant’s resume. In the case of female candidates, makeup application and personal hygiene actually play a very significant factors in how likely employers are to make a job offer.

Employers tend to make a number of judgments and assumptions about candidates based solely on their beauty¬†routines. People with makeup mistakes are often viewed as lazy or unprofessional, and candidates wearing too much makeup may be seen as untrustworthy or “putting on airs.”Things To Avoid:

  • Wearing too much makeup. Women wearing bold makeup are often judged as being over-confident. Looking too polished can intimidate the interviewer, who may suspect you will be hungry for her own job.
  • Wearing a fake tan or dark lipstick. These were cited as two of the biggest turn-offs for employers.
  • Drawing on details like brows or beauty spots. Employers state that this type of makeup suggests that the interviewee is dishonest.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Pay attention to your nails. Chipped nails are one of the first things employers look at, and it can suggest that you’re nervous about the interview. Make sure to freshen your polish before coming in.
  • Tend to your hair. Split ends are the other primary complaint among employers. A job candidate with split ends is seen as being lazy or unprepared. Having healthy hair makes you look and feel more confident. Getting your hair done before an interview will help you look and feel your best.
  • Wear natural makeup that enhances your innate beauty. Go light on foundation and choose neutral colors for your lips and eyes. (You may also want to consider eyelash extensions rather than mascara. They will look more natural and durable, and employers cite smudged mascara as a clue that the interviewee could be a heavy party-goer or overly emotional. The natural enhancement from long lashes will draw attention to your eyes and make you seem more trustworthy and personable).
You may not earn a job based solely on your appearance, but you can certainly lose one if your appearance is lacking. Following these tips will enable you to put your best foot forward with your potential employer.

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