Look your best on graduation day with eyelash extensions

Graduation DayYour upcoming graduation is an unforgettable event that will be forever captured in a multitude of photographs. These days, just about everyone carries a phone equipped with a great camera, so you can expect plenty of both carefully planned and completely random photos of you to hit the Internet and every relative’s photo album within days or even hours. It’s absolutely critical that you look your best on graduation day, and avoid as many potential photo disasters as possible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Makeup Tip: Optimize Your Eyes with Eyelash Extensions

Between being nervous and wearing a cap and gown in summer, you’ll probably be hot and sweaty at your graduation. Sweat can melt off cosmetics and make you look like an oily clown, so plan to wear as little makeup as possible. Your eyes are a focal point in pictures, so look for ways to maximize their potential. If you haven’t booked your appointment for eyelash extensions, do it now. Extensions give you full, voluptuous lashes for picture-perfect eyes, and they won’t produce any risk of humiliating smudges or black streaks running down your cheeks.

Hair Tip: Hat Head Prevention Strategies

The infamous cap is not your hair’s best friend. Hat head is almost inevitable, but you can minimize its effects. Graduation calls for simple, classy hairstyles that don’t rely on hairspray, height or access to open air. Nothing says safe and lazy like a ponytail, but you do have other hairstyle options. Try sleek, straight styles that don’t require a lot of fuss or accessories to get in the way or become dislodged by your headgear.

Shoe Tip: Plan to Stay Upright

Graduation is not an ideal occasions for wearing your favorite stilettos. No matter how pretty they are, no one is going to notice their awesomeness after you slip on a glossy floor and kiss the ceramic tile, or eat grass for lunch when you plant a heel into soft ground. You don’t have to wear sandals or white nurses’ shoes to be comfortable and safe. Try these types of shoes, block heels, platforms or flat-forms, and add friction tape to the soles if they are slippery.

Walk Tall and Smile Wide on Your Big Day

As the great writer and poet Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or over-educated.” Look your best on graduation day, be proud of your academic accomplishments, and let your look reflect your high self-esteem and your success. With just a few sensible fashion tips, your personal style and unshakable confidence will be captured forever in your graduation photos.


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