Look Younger with Eyelash Extensions

Many female celebrities are hitting the age of 50 this year including the ever-youthful Michelle Obama, Courtney Cox and Sandra Bullock. As we stand in awe of their ability to look as fresh as flowers despite advancing age and the stresses of fame and fortune, we wonder how they do it. A healthy lifestyle and great products are surely part of the strategy, but one thing we can see that they all have in common is amazing eyes. Sensual eyes and thick, luscious eyelashes have an amazing ability to make you look younger. Fuller, longer lashes have always been associated with youth; they draw attention to eyes and away from signs of aging. While there are limited non-surgical options for diminishing crow’s feet and loss of skin elasticity, looking younger with eyelash extensions is easy. Some beauty experts even consider eyelash extensions the new face lift for women over 50.

Aging Lashes and the Miracle of Lash Extensions

Like your skin, your eyelashes change as you age. They perpetually cycle through stages of growth, rest, shedding and re-growth. As you get older, your eyelash follicles slow down or stop producing new lashes, so you may find your lashes progressively thinner through each cycle. It’s simply a normal part of aging. If you’re more than 50 years old, investing in eyelash extensions can restore the youthful, sexy eyes you had in the past. With lash extensions, you don’t need as much makeup. You can look younger with eyelash extensions without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Amazing lash Studio Eyelash SimulatorSee for Yourself

The best styles of eyelashes for older women look natural, full and healthy, just like their natural lashes did when they were younger. At Amazing Lash Studios, lash extensions come in four varieties: natural, cute, sexy and gorgeous. Since lash extensions can completely change the look of your face, it’s helpful to see possible results beforehand. With the Amazing Lash Studio Eyelash Simulator tool, you can upload your photo and try on new lashes before making a commitment. Once you find the look that suits you best, request an appointment and get ready to knock 10 years off your appearance.

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