Longer Lashes with Eyelash Extensions from Amazing Lash Studio Houston

Longer Lashes with Eyelash Extensions from Amazing Lash Studio HoustonYour eyelashes go a long way towards highlighting your face’s natural beauty and showing off your eyes. Unfortunately, many women simply don’t feel like their lashes are doing them justice. Maybe you find yourself filled with jealousy when you flip through celebrity gossip magazines and see the luscious lashes of famous celebrities. After all, it’s easy to feel envy when you see glossy photos of glamorous women batting their Monroe-esque semi permanent eyelashes.

Thankfully, there’s no real reason to be jealous. The majority of stunning lashes that you see in celeb photos spreads are not real. In even better news, you can actually replicate the lash looks of top stars at home with a few simple tools and tricks. Here are three easy ways to get the longer lashes that you want without any hassles.

Lash Enhancers

Mascara-like formulas that promise to extend eyelashes have become increasingly popular over the last decade. While some beauty enthusiasts debate their effectiveness, there’s no doubt that the right product can at least help strengthen and thicken your lashes. Only a handful of lash enhancers are approved by the FDA, so you’ll need to head to your doctor or dermatologist if you want to get a prescription for the most effective of these products.


The oldest eyelash-enhancing option on the list, mascara is still a winner when it comes to making lashes look bigger. Look for a formula in a color that flatters your skin tone and buy waterproof if you’ve had problems with smudging in the past. It’s also essential to opt for mascara with a plastic brush as these brushes provide much better results than the synthetic fiber brushes of days past.

Eyelash Extensions

Available in a wide range of colors and lengths, semi permanent lashes are one of the easiest ways to up your eyelash game. These lashes are made from synthetic fibers designed to mimic the look of real lashes. For special events, you can look just like you came off a magazine cover.

You can opt for lash extensions, which will be applied by a professional in a salon or studio setting. Extensions are made from synthetic fibers and are designed to attach to your natural lashes for several months. They’re a great option for women who want to sport bigger eyelashes on a daily basis without the fuss of putting on classic semi-permanent eyelashes.

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