Lash Extensions for Houston Fashion Week 2014

Lash Extensions for Houston Fashion Week 2014It’s not too early to plan for the Houston Fashion Week 2014! It opens Monday, Oct. 20 at the Crown Plaza Houston Hotel, and in addition to looking as good as the girls on the runway with your lash extensions, here are tips to prepare for Houston Fashion Week 2014! It’s a great chance for those of us who love fashion to experience the latest designer creations without flying to Paris or New York. Naturally, we want to look our best, so we have tons to do before the fashion events begin!

Most of us dream of showing up at fashion show events looking like you just stepped out of the latest Vogue photo shoot. Dressing to impress right down to the smallest details is what you’re going for.

Before you head for your favorite boutique, though, take some time to assess. Make sure your hair, nails and skin are in prime shape. You may want to visit Amazing Lash Studio in Houston to get the long, thick, luxurious lashes that are absolutely in fashion in the world of haute couture.

With long, luxurious eyelashes you can tone down the hair and makeup so that they don’t detract from your overall look. Even celebs these days opt for sleek and silky hair and a sort of minimalist look. A-listers trust professional stylists to keep them on-trend, so why not tap into that when you plan your own look?

Obviously, what we choose to wear to the event is key. It’s not because we’re going to be up there on the runway, but we don’t want to be part of the wallpaper either. In doing some homework and checking out the latest designer fashion lines, you’ll notice the trend is bright colors, but also the always stylish black and white outfits, dresses that show lots of skin and others that are all buttoned down; plus lots of oversized outfits. Gladiators, pumps or high-heeled boots are the favorites for footwear.

Can you feel the excitement starting to kick in? If I don’t see you first at Amazing Lash Studio or the boutiques, you’ll see me at the Crown Plaza, Oct. 20. Everyone who loves the latest fashions will be there, and you’ll know who’s in the know by their gorgeous lashes!

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