Lash Extensions As A Solution For Thinning Eyelashes

Woman with beautiful eyes and eyelashes

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Believe it or not, the length and volume of our eyelashes can play an important element of a woman’s sex appeal and attractiveness. Women with voluminous lashes appear to have larger, more soulful eyes, and so it’s no surprise that¬†lash extensions have been a key component of beauty tips for the past centuries. Unfortunately for some, thinning eyelashes is a common problem that often leads to many feeling quite self-conscious about themselves.

Although quite subtle, the eyes are often one of the first places on a woman’s body that can give away her age. Wrinkles are a known factor in this however thinning eyelashes are also another tell-tale sign of age. In situations where lashes are lost prematurely, a woman can appear older than she really is. Sparse lashes can also make lines and wrinkles more noticeable, and they may make women appear less approachable or friendly.

There are many reasons as to why eyelashes may become thin over time. As women age, their skin loses some of its moisture. This in turn can cause a loosening of hair follicles, including those of the eyelash. Other reasons for lashes to fall out may include excessive eye rubbing, eye infections and the use of certain medications.

Fortunately we’ve provided you some of our best solutions to prevent thinning eyelashes: ¬†

  • The first step to protecting your eyelashes is to identify the cause of their loss and take steps to prevent it from worsening. If there is an infection, talk with your doctor about treating it. You can also find out about moisturizers that can be used near the eye area that may strengthen the lash follicles. Of course, you will also want to avoid causing further damage by rubbing your eyes or tugging on the lashes themselves.
  • Makeup can help to mitigate the loss of eyelashes by making the lashes appear longer and fuller. This solution can also cause additional problems, however, is the user is not careful. Some women are allergic to these makeup products, which can cause a loss of lashes. Mascara and eyeliner can also harbor bacteria that can cause eye infections and accelerate the loss of lashes. Additionally, makeup must be applied regularly and maintained, which can pose quite a hassle.
  • A better and longer-lasting solution is lash extensions , which improve the look of your lashes without requiring daily maintenance. Each extension is applied carefully to your own natural lashes, creating a more natural and soft look than that given by fake lashes. The extension stays on the lash for the duration of the lash’s natural life cycle, and it’s shed with the lash. This means that a single application of lash extensions can last you for a long time without any upkeep at all.

By taking care of your eyelashes and trying out eyelash extensions you can improve their appearance, boost your self-esteem and begin looking younger and happier.

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