Lash Out For A Girls Night Out In Houston – Tips To Looking Fab!

Girl's Night Out in Houston

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Girls Night Out” is an important event for any woman. Every few weeks or months, you need the opportunity to get out, let your hair down and enjoy yourself in the company of good friends. Not only does a night out allow you to take a break from the concerns of your day-to-day life, it also gives you a great opportunity to get all dressed up for a fabulous night out in town! We compiled some great tips on preparing for your night out along with our top picks of the hottest spots to add to your list for a Girls Night Out in Houston.

Getting ready is always one of the best parts of any outing. Take the time to look extra stunning before you head out the door by following these great tips:

  • Choose one feature to accent, and build your look around it. For a nighttime outing, smoky eye treatments can create a mysterious and sexy look that will have everyone in the room wanting to know who you are.
  • Experiment with a new hairstyle. The point of a night out is to try something new and exotic, and there’s no better occasion for trying a hairstyle that you wouldn’t normally wear. Try a volumizing treatment or a sophisticated updo.
  • Remember to finish your look with some beautifully done nails. Getting a manicure can also help get you in the right mindset for a fun upcoming night out, and you can meet up with your girlfriends to share the experience as well.
  • Add personality and flair to your outfit by adding bold accessories. A girls night out is the perfect opportunity to pull out some of your statement jewelry you own that doesn’t get worn on a regular basis.
  • No matter what look you choose, eyelash extensions are the perfect accessory to dress up or play off any look. They’re a simple way to create bold and beautiful lashes that will last throughout the night. Whether you’re dancing or just meeting up for drinks, lash extensions are durable enough to withstand any occasion, and they perfectly accompany any look that you desire.

Once you’ve dolled yourself up, it’s time to choose a place for your outing. In Houston, there are plenty of great places to pick up a drink or do some dancing with your girlfriends. Here are a few of the top picks:

  • 13 Celsius: A wine bar with a cozy 1920s-era Mediterranean atmosphere and phenomenal wine selection. They run a half-price special on Sundays, and they serve a variety of coffee drinks and food in addition to their vintage wines.
  • Boheme: This wine bar combines world art and culture with a welcoming atmosphere and premium wine and coffee. This popular date-night destination is also the perfect venue for meeting up with a few friends to chat.
  • Diem: This bar is a relative newcomer to its neighborhood, but it’s one of the swankiest venues in town. Only the best-dressed visitors are welcome, so you have every excuse to pull out the stops when stopping here.
  • Nox: One of the reigning champions of the Houston night club scene, Nox is both hip and fashionable. If you’re looking for an opportunity to dance the night away while looking gorgeous, this is definitely the place to be seen.
  • Warren’s: A popular relaxation destination in Market Square, this classy lounge is the perfect place to unwind or do some flirting the handsome professionals who spend their evenings there.
  • Ei8ght: If you’re looking for a place to build up a sweat and get your groove on, there’s no better club in Houston than Ei8ght. When dancing gets too tiring, you can retire to one of the comfortable couches or slip out onto the rooftop patio for some air.

Whether you ladies are planning for a wild or classy night out, remember that getting ready and choosing the right places are key to having a perfect Girls Night Out with your friends. Follow our tips and you’ll be sure to have a great night out!

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