Wedding Lashes For the Bridal Party

Eyelash extensions for the bridal party

CC: image courtesy of Katsunojiri on Flickr

Weddings are one of the most exciting and stressful events that most women experience. Not only is it stressful for the bride, the job of the bridesmaid comes with its own share of stress as well. When things go wrong, it’s the bridesmaid’s responsibility to comfort the bride and help steer things back on track. In addition to providing moral support and critical guidance, bridesmaids are responsible for supporting the mental health of a stressed-out bride. In return, the bride generally provides gifts to her bridesmaids as an expression of gratitude.

In theory, gifts are a great way to show appreciation. In practice, many people find that shopping for wedding gifts is stress-inducing and confusing. It’s important to choose something that shows you value the person’s time and support, but it’s also important to pick a gift that can be useful or appreciated for a long time.

One great way to show your love and support of each other in the pre-wedding excitement is to have a spa day. Taking time out of the wedding planning to get pampered is a great way for the bride to blow off some steam, and it can be a fun activity for the wedding party to do together. A spa day would be an amazing gift to give to the bride and alternatively, the bride could give a spa day to the wedding party to show her gratitude for their help as well.

If you’ll be enjoying a spa day before the wedding, you might consider including eyelash extensions as part of your agenda. These lash extensions are professionally applied and can last for several weeks, which makes them the perfect way to prepare for the litany of photographs taken before, during and after the nuptials. Lash extensions are durable enough to continue looking beautiful throughout the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception.

Amazing Lash Studio is currently offering an amazing deal for your first full set of lash extensions for only $79! This great price makes it easy to outfit an entire bridal party with this lush lashes, and the long-lasting results will be well worth the expense. If you haven’t yet picked up the perfect gift for an upcoming wedding, lash extensions, with or without a full spa day package, are always a welcome gesture.

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