How to Make Eyelashes Longer by Amazing Lash Studio

How to make eyelashes longer at ALS HoustonWhen you think of iconic beauties throughout the ages, you immediately envision the signature eyelashes that made each woman’s eyes light up her entire face. Your eyes may be the “windows to the soul,” but lashes are the attractive, face-flattering frames that give your eyes their unforgettable character.

Admittedly, all eyelashes aren’t created equally. Regardless of length, thin lashes are plagued by styling limitations. No matter how much you brush, powder or curl them, thin lashes are often too sparse to create diverse looks. Thankfully, you don’t need to rely on nature to make your lashes look luxuriant. The big question is how to make your eyelashes longer?

The thick lash look is easy to achieve when you have the right tools. Things like mascara and eyelash extensions can do wonders and that’s one of the many reasons we love them.

1) Dramatic appearance. There’s a reason why makeup trends start in the entertainment industry. For generations, performers have used makeup to stand out under bright stage lights and in camera close-ups. Thick lashes deeply contrast your skin complexion and eye color. Like a delicate curtain, they shroud your eyes in mystery, making your appearance beautifully feminine, exotic and glamorous.

2) Unlimited options. Thick eyelashes let you express different elements of your style or come up with your own go-to signature look. When you’re feeling like Audrey Hepburn, aim for a refined look with long, flared lashes. Borrow a hint of Elizabeth Taylor’s allure, and don thick, fluffed lashes in varied lengths for a flirty feel. Wear your lashes gracefully curled and separated to capture Beyoncé’s stage-ready glamour.

3) Fast application. You don’t need a celebrity stylist to achieve luscious lashes. Amazing Lash Studios technicians are well trained and can have you looking amazing in about an hour.
Eyelash extensions offer the same versatility as your real eyelashes, so feel free to gently care for them. You can even dress them up with mascara, but most likely you won’t need to.

4) Seamlessly realistic. If you decide to try eyelash extensions, rest assured that these ultra-chic semi permanent lashes blend in cleanly with your natural lashes. Professional technicians meticulously apply extensions lash by lash. They can create tailored looks by varying the length, thickness and shape and lay out the extensions to perfectly complement your eye shape, giving you a 100 percent customized appearance.

Amazing Lash Studio in Houston can show you how to make your eyelashes longer and thicker. Look out Hollywood!

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