How to Achieve the Hollywood Look Through Eyelash Extensions

HollywoodHollywood celebrities are constantly setting trends and raising the bar for beauty and glamour. Famous idols like Kim Kardashian amaze onlookers with their professional makeup and luscious lashes, but the average person can achieve the same look with long-lasting eyelash extensions. Studios and emporiums across the country are training and certifying technicians to perform these procedures and give their clients an eye-catching Hollywood appeal.

The practice of enhancing the eyelashes has been around since ancient times, and the trend of false lashes began in Hollywood films as early as 1916. Cosmetic products have evolved from simple eyelash wigs to prescription lengtheners. Over the last century, makeup experts have come up with innovative ways to darken, thicken and lengthen natural lashes using anything from ash to petroleum jelly. Since 2010, the latest celebrity trend has been eyelash extensions that are affixed to each individual lash. Eyelash extensions glam up any look with little effort and replace the need for eyeliner and mascara.

Certified eyelash technicians work with their clients to select the best type to enhance their personal features. Studios offer a variety of lengths, textures and other adornments for the lash extensions. Clients can opt for a natural look that thickens and lengthens their eyelashes or make a bold statement with glittery pink, purple or green extensions. Technicians can also enhance the curvature of the lashes to create a seductive and flirtatious look. The types of extensions range from synthetic to natural materials, including mink and silk.

Eyelash extensions require an initial appointment, which lasts approximately one – two hours, and maintenance appointments every two to three weeks afterwards. Certified technicians usually apply the extensions to the top lashes, but some clients opt for the bottom as well. The extensions are glued to individual lashes close to the root for a more natural appearance. The adhesive is a medical-grade solution, and a special formula is available for sensitive eyes. After about 48 hours of drying, the glue is completely water resistant to help the extensions last through daily washing and showering. Prices vary based on the type of extensions and the desired look, and the procedure is as easy as getting a manicure or pedicure.

This amazing trade secret of Hollywood celebrities is making its way into the beauty arsenal of everyday consumers. The effects of eyelash extensions create dramatic looks that turn heads wherever you go. Women who try this service for the first time are surprised by the number of compliments they receive from strangers. The Hollywood look provided by eyelash extensions allow women to spend less time applying eye makeup because the new lashes enhance their features for powerful eyes. The results draw attention to the eyes whether the desired look is innocent, feminine, seductive or youthful. Eyelash extension services are quickly becoming regular maintenance routines at cosmetic studios for women everywhere who want to achieve that celebrity fashion sense.

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