AL Houston: Tips to Make Your Houston Eyelash Extensions Last

Tips to Make Your Houston Eyelash Extensions LastGot got your lash extensions and want to make it last? Here’s tips from Amazing Lash Studio Houston to make your eyelash extensions last! Custom-made to fit our unique eye shapes and personal styles, eyelash extensions are as close as we can get to our dream lashes sans heavy mascara and medical growth creams. Given the stunning results, it’s not surprising that we want to know how long do eyelash extensions last? Of course, we all want our new lashes to last as long as possible. From daily care to touch-ups, here are the 10 best tips you need to know to make every application count:

1. Go lighter. Because extensions are designed to enhance your natural lashes, you don’t need to go for the thickest option to see a dramatic difference. Heavier strips need more pull to stay in place, so they generally don’t last as long as lighter lashes. Your technician will help you decide what’s best for you.

2. Avoid getting wet until your lashes set. To be on the safe side, wait a full day before you shower, wash your eyes or exercise.

3. Resist the temptation to play with your new favorite feature. Eyelash extensions feel so silky smooth that we wish we could keep touching them all day long, but all that pulling and rubbing can really do a lot of damage.

4. Commit to sleeping on your back for the first two days after the application. While being a side sleeper isn’t exactly a deal breaker, getting your beauty sleep on your back is the best way to prevent fresh extensions from breaking and bending.

5. Change up your beauty routine. Once dry, eyelash extensions are waterproof, but oil-based makeup is a different story. Because some oils can dissolve the tough glue that keeps your lashes in place, stock your bathroom with safer oil-free formulas.

6. Use a shaping spoolie brush for daily detangling. Just like your hair, your new eyelash extensions need to be styled just right to look their best and prevent breakage.

7. Get extra volume with water-based mascara. Eyelash extensions are already prepped to give you that smoldering eye look naturally, but if you’re craving a true statement lash, water-based mascara is a safe bet.

8. Clean your lashes every day to protect your eyes from dust and debris. Use a gentle oil-free cleanser or ask your technician for a special cleaning solution.

9. Start your morning off with a sealer. Temporary coating products form a protective barrier around both your extensions and natural lashes.

10. Schedule touch-ups. With regular touch-ups, your lash extensions can last far longer than the typical three to four week lifespan. Since extensions are available in a variety of materials, ask your technician for details on touch-up deadlines.

How long do eyelash extensions last? That depends on how well you take care of your lashes but with good care, you will enjoy those long luscious lashes for up 45 days.

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