Hot Summer Makeup Trends 2013 – Bold Eyes

Summer makeup

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As spring gives way to summer, beauty trends are changing to match the season. This summer’s look is all about being bold, bright and brave. Like other 2013 fashions, this season’s focus is on individuality and self-expression. Below we’ve listed a few of our favorite trends to follow as the summer season starts to heat up!

Our 2013 Summer Beauty Tips: 

  • Bold Eyes – are making waves this summer. Either play your eyes up up with sparkles and shimmery eye shadow or use contrasting and bright colors to make your eyes pop!
  • Simple & clean – looks work well for summer and will wear well at the pool side or beach. Wear a moisturizer with SPF for sun protection, and rely on powdered eye shadow and bold lashes to draw attention to your eyes. You can balance the look out with a playful tinted moisturizing lip gloss.
  • Neon colors – are a fun, bold choice for summer nights. Couple an otherwise basic look with bright eyeliner or shadow in a brilliant shade of blue, green, gold or red. Shades of pink, ranging from hot pink to pastel, are also very fashionable this summer. The look is the most effective when matched with subtler base of foundation and natural lip tones. Let your eyes do the talking for you.
  • Bold/bright lips – can be paired with an otherwise simple face and eyes for a look that definitely gives a statement. This is the perfect season to experiment with a variety of lip shades in red, pink and even orange. You can balance out the impact of your bold lips by enhancing your eyelashes; this will keep them from getting lost without clashing with your lip tone.
  • 1960’s era– retro fashions are very popular this year. Opt for classy hair up-dos and vintage-style jewelry and hair accessories. Thick, shaped brows coupled with long lashes and a glossy touch of red lipstick help complete the look.

All of these looks can be completed with lash extensions for a fun, flirty effect. Lash extensions have been one of the most popular trends this year, and they’re perfect for the summer season. You don’t need to worry about heavy makeup in the heat or sweat ruining your mascara. Check out lash extensions for bold, voluptuous lashes that last up to weeks to complement all of your 2013 summer styles!

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