Get The Grammy Look – Get Those Lashes!

From the stunning to the outlandish, the Grammy Awards always showcases the newest trends in fashion. This year was no exception. Although not every fashion worn at the Grammy’s may not be a wise choice for daily wear, you can definitely take a few tips from the way these stars presented themselves for your everyday look.

Beyonce looked classy and chic as always taking home the award for Traditional R&B performance for her song “Love on Top.” Her structured, black and white outfit was sleek and stylish, clinging to her curves without revealing too much skin. She also chose a simple look for her makeup, opting for a bold but natural look that highlighted her eyes.

Red Carpet Sweetheart, Taylor Swift, of course, was decked out in a more elaborate costume for her opening performance at the awards show. After the performance, she won the award for “Best Song Written for a Visual Media,” and wore a stunning white dress reminiscent of ancient Egypt to accept the honor. Contrasting her bright complexion, her dark, luscious lashes completed the look.

Rihanna looked absolutely gorgeous outshining the Red Carpet itself as she stopped to pose for photos for fans and paparazzi. The brilliant red color of her dress coupled with the graceful lines of the traditional gown made for a perfect combination. Her eyes captured both innocence and seduction with their long lashes and pale shadow. She took home the award for “Best Short Form Music Video.”

Carrie Underwood definitely stole the show, though her amazing performance on stage as she sang to a crowd of adoring fans. The winner of the “Best Country Song” award, Underwood dazzled fans with a beautiful pale gown that served as a canvas for a series of projected images while she sang. The effect was stunning, and she pulled the look together perfectly with her makeup choices.

Although wearing clothes that double as projection screens might not be practical for most of us, viewers can definitely copy aspects of Carrie Underwood’s look. Here’s how to achieve her glamorous and seductive eyes:

1) Sweep your eyelids with a metallic beige eye shadow
2) Define the crease with a lighter taupe color
3) Move up the crease with a medium brown shade, working from the outer corner inward
4) Line the inner rims of your upper and lower eyelids with black kohl liner
5) Using that same eyeliner, draw a line from the center of your upper and lower lash line to the outer corner of your eye, lightly smudging the lower lid
6) Use a shimmery pale shade for the inner corner of your upper lids

To finish off the look, you could apply fake lashes to the upper lid and curl them upward before applying two coats of mascara. For a more natural and durable look, make sure to choose lash extensions instead. These will last longer than the fake lashes and add plenty of volume and depth to your eyes.

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