Getting Back to Unconditional Love on Valentine’s Day

Unconditional Love on Valentine's DayValentine’s Day, like many other holidays, has become over-commercialized in recent years. There’s so much emphasis on expensive gifts that the true meaning of the holiday has been buried. Instead of succumbing to the pressure to shower your loved one in gifts, focus instead on more meaningful ways to show that you care. By expressing your unconditional love through actions, rather than gifts, you can gain greater intimacy and celebrate a truly special day together.

Here are a few ideas for putting the love back into Valentine’s Day:

  • Spoil them. ¬†Treat your partner like a king for the day by making their life a little easier. Run some errands for them, fix something that’s been on their to-do list for a while or put together a meal of their favorite foods.
  • Let them know how you feel. You don’t need a commercial card or cheesy Valentine to express your feelings. Consider a heartfelt note in their lunch box or a sexy message on the bathroom mirror instead.
  • Give the gift of time. In our busy lives, it’s important to find time in our schedules for the things that matter, especially the people we care about. Make time to enjoy each other’s company. Arrange for someone to watch your kids so you can have a romantic evening together, or just take a long walk and talk to each other.
  • Have fun together. Romantic gestures don’t have to be sappy or focused on sensual experiences, although they certainly can be. If your partner has a special hobby or interest, indulge them in it. Have a date night at an arcade or amusement park and tap into your inner child, or have a movie night with your spouse’s favorite films and snacks.
  • Take the time to look special. When you look great, you’ll feel great too. Dress in something that flatters your figure, or pick out some sexy lingerie for a night at home. ¬†Eyelash extensions will give you an extra boost of confidence and accent your eyes. Your partner will definitely enjoy these small details, and it’ll help set the tone for your time together.

The best way to express your unconditional love is to show it through your everyday actions and words. By finding ways to show your partner how much you love them, you can make Valentine’s Day last all year.

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