Eyelash Extensions and the American Way of Life

The American Way of Life

The American Way of Life

Every year, we set aside the final Monday of May to honor our fallen soldiers. Memorial Day helps us to remember the freedoms we enjoy because of their brave sacrifice. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are what they fought and died for, and our American way of life should always reflect and pay tribute to their efforts.

We have many Opportunities to Honor
As Americans, we can choose from many ways to proudly salute our guardians of freedom. We wave our flags, pursue our dreams and exercise our right to vote in elections, but we can also demonstrate our American pride in unique and unexpected ways. Getting eyelash extensions is one of them.At first, it might be difficult to see a connection between luxurious lashes and American pride and freedom, but look closer. The idea is more symbolic than you think.

Long, luscious lashes denote life, youth, beauty and desirability. They are perfect symbols of American boldness and exceptionalism. Consider the ethereal beauty of Hollywood actresses and voluptuous sex symbols who entertained our troops in decades past. Few people question that American women are full of life, and eyelash extensions help to accentuate their vitality.


Due to the sacrifice of American soldiers, we have had the liberty to pursue scientific endeavors and the ability to express ourselves as the individuals we are.  In essence, these rights have lead to the development of eyelash extensions and our freedom to the wear them.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Eyelash extensions are virtually always worn in the pursuit of happiness. We adorn them to look our best at weddings, high school proms, job interviews, graduations and other important life events. On any significant occasion, looking our best makes us feel happier.

Batting Your Eyelashes with Pride

The U.S. Soldier’s Creed states: “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.” This May, find many traditional and non-traditional ways to pay tribute to our soldiers and our freedoms in living our American way of life.  Make an appointment to get gorgeous, sensual eyelash extensions. As an American woman, you are free to look and feel your best; never take it for granted.

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