Eyelash Extensions, A Great Alternative For Your Summer Makeup

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As summer temperatures expect to reach record high, it’s more important now than ever to keep cool. Heat isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also lead to dehydration and in addition it can make your summer makeup routine very difficult to maintain as well. Making sure that your body is always cool and staying  hydrated will keep you healthy and beautiful inside and out. We’ll provide you with some great tips and advice that’ll have you feeling cool and looking hotter than the summer sun!

Tips for staying cool this summer:

  • Stay hydrated. During the summer, you need to drink more water than you normally would to offset the water you lose through sweat. Spice up some plain water with a squeeze of lemon or a few fresh berries, or dilute fruit juice with water for an energy-boosting drink. You can also try some ultra-hydrating fresh foods like watermelon and cherry tomatoes for an extra nutrient-packed kick.
  • Stay indoors. Take a stroll through the mall. If you needed another excuse to go shopping, think of this: the mall is one of the largest fully-enclosed, air-conditioned buildings in most cities. If you need to beat the summer heat, there’s no better destination. Malls are family-friendly, and you can get a bit of exercise while you window shop. Or, go visit a museum. There’s no better time to visit a museum than during the summer. Most museums have summer programs, so you can see exhibits or enjoy activities not offered through the rest of the year. The best part, though, is that museums are usually quiet and fully air-conditioned, and many even have nice cafes where you can pass some time after you scope out the exhibits.
  • Take a dip in the waters. Plan a beach day or take a swim in your city’s public pool. Whichever you choose, take time to relax in the cool water. Many of these facilities are even completely indoors, allowing you to enjoy the water without worrying about sun block or summer heat. Pick up a scoop of ice cream on your way home for the perfect summer treat.
  • Throw a party. Summer is a great time for socializing. Most people can get some vacation time, and some companies even allow workers to go home early on Fridays or other days throughout the summer. Even if you don’t have time off, you can still arrange to get together for an evening barbecue or ice cream social. Alternatively, pick up a few of your favorite girlfriends and go scope out a drive-in movie theater or some of the free summer events that happen around your town.

With these tips in mind, staying cool can be easily achieved. With summer being such a social and active season however, along with staying cool, it’s especially important to always be looking your best whether you’re at the mall or throwing a summer party. However during the summer, makeup can get sticky and messy. With many factors such as sweat and water from the beach and pools, looking great and maintaining your outer appearances can be difficult. Skip the heavy makeup and opt for a more lighter and natural look when you’re out and about this summer season.  Choose light powder concealers as opposed to heavy liquid options, choose a lovely lip gloss as opposed to lipstick, and try natural-looking lash extensions to take place of eyeliner, eye shadow and heavy mascara. Eyelash extensions only need to be applied once for you to enjoy them for weeks, and your luxurious lashes will have you looking hotter than the summer sun!

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